A look at the engine room

A whole new chapter of my learning opened up when I got to spend some time with the engineers in engine room and in the ECR. The engine room is where the actual machinery is and the ECR (Engine Control Room) is where all the computers are that control the machinery. We have various pieces of equipment on the bridge that connect to the engine room and ECR. Because of this, I felt it only made sense to get a good understanding of the equipment that we are using. We of course get great training on the bridge and in school but I wanted to know more. The better something is understood, the easier it will be to use the equipment. That and the systems they have down in the engine room are extremely interesting.

I first started off in the ECR so I would get an overall look at what I would be seeing down in the engine room. Anthems engine room is massive! The whole bottom deck is all part of the Engine room. After taking a look at the Systems for the Environmental operations, fuel tanks, engines, boilers, and many other systems on a screen, I then went to the engine room with one of the engineers to physically see what it was exactly that the screens were showing me in the ECR. Might I add that a ships engine is slightly bigger than a cars engine. Like 2 floors larger. I had no idea how big they were until I had one in front of me. I had to go up a set of stairs just to be able to reach the top half. The engineer was very good at explaining all the different systems to me one by one. He took me on an educational tour of the whole engine room. I would say that the adventures off the ship are just as great as the adventures I have had on the ship.

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