Aerospace Associate Dean completes second PhD

Congratulations to Sanja Boskovic, BCIT Associate Dean of Aerospace who just completed her PhD in Educational Technology and Learning Design from SFU. This is Sanja’s second PhD, alongside her PhD in Engineering.

She was inspired to pursue further education when she found few students were completing the highest certification levels. She wanted to understand why.

“When I was in a position to look at how we’re going to enhance learning and help students be successful in our program area, I realized my teaching needed to be re-evaluated,” says Boskovic.

“I was missing the tools. I was strong in a technical area, but there was a human component missing in my teaching. I needed to learn a different set of skills in order to serve my students better.”

As a parent working full-time, she knew returning to university would be a challenge, but she had plenty of help along the way.

Sanja will use her newly acquired knowledge in her work within the School of Transportation at the Aerospace Technology Campus. 

Read more about Sanja’s experience completing her PhD on SFU News.


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  1. Hey Sanja.

    I’m in awe. You are a champion for learning and technology. Was great to catch up with you in the Spring at BCIT.

    Bravo on your latest accomplishment. What’s next?



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