5 Student Services to help with STRESS!

By now, this word “STRESS” has probably been engraved in every sentence you say. In this article, I’m going to share with you 5 student services at BCIT that can help you with you psychological stressors.

1. What time it? It’s job hunting time!

BCIT Big Info night

Now that you have /are  getting your #industryReady education at BCIT, you may be looking for a place to utilize these skills. As you know, it’s a complex world out there, so where do you start!?

Lucky for you, BCIT, along with the BCITSA, has 2 easy-to-use website platforms ready for you: 1) BCIT’s ejobs and 2) BCITSA’s Career Track are two awesome tools to help you find job opportunities specific to your education and other preferences (Part time, full time, contract, etc. ). For more information about these services, visit ejobs or Career Track. Additionally, you can visit the ejobs office at NE5 Room 101 to speak to BCIT’s ejob specialist or head to SE2 BCITSA to speak with one of your school’s career specialist.

2. EXAMS are just around the corner: be ready!



Got a subject or topic that just doesn’t click? Visit peer tutoring at the BCIT Learning Commons!

Peer tutoring at BCIT is completely FREE and happens every week (please visit here for full schedule). This is a great opportunity to get a student’s perspective on the topic that you need help understanding.

3. Need someone to talk to? Counselling is available across all campuses (virtual and in person)

If you need someone to talk to (whether it be personal or school related), counselling is here for you. Counsellors on campus are super friendly and rest assured, all information will be kept confidential. Not sure how you’re feeling? Take a FREE Online Mental Health Screening to find out!

4. Want other ways to de-stress? Visit Recreation Services for more on-campus activities

Glow week; glow dodge ball

Recreation services offers a wide range of activities ranging from yoga to kickboxing (please visit here for more paid classes). 3 biggest takeaway: 1) Majority of the services are FREE (included in your student fees) 2) Rec can do your dirty laundry and 3) they’re open to everyone!

5. Leave time for me time!

BCIT’s sets system can be fun: you can to meet new friends, great teammates, but at the end of the day, you probably want some time alone. If that is the case, you have some options:

Sleeping pods at SE 14 (library)

BCIT Sleeping Pods Demo

“Sleep to remember. Remember to sleep!”

I think it’s important to take a moment to appreciate sleep. “Sleep is one of the major factors contributing to memory consolidation” which is just a fancy way of saying: if you want to do well on that exam, remember to sleep (full TED – Ed video)! Thankfully, BCIT offers various locations on campus for you to nap, excluding your lecture hall!

Sleeping pods in the library (Fun fact: You can reserve the pods up to 2 hours. Click Here to reserve your time slot – remember to check the date!)




Study rooms: home to meeting enthusiasts

Study rooms are a great place for you to study, host group meetings, or even just to watch a movie (off the record). For more details, visit the policy section here – make sure to check the time and date!









Well, BCIT, I hope after reading this article you’re able to have a better understanding of the different student services that can help manage your stress such that you can focus more energy on the important things like what’s for dinner!? Until next time!

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