One-of-a-kind electrical program opening doors to automated controls

Looking to further your electrical career with an in-demand advanced certificate? BCIT School of Construction and the Environment’s new program, Advanced Certificate in Automated Controls Installation and Maintenance (ACIM), is currently the only one offered in Canada. The program is creating quite the buzz in the electrical industry – and it can be completed in just 12 weeks!

Requested by employers

Employers reached out to BCIT and said that they are seeking graduating students who are adept in the field of automation and can modernize their companies’ current electrical systems but found that there are no existing programs to fulfilled these requirements. In response, BCIT developed a new program to addresses this growth in electrical technologies and provide extensive hands-on learning and problem-solving experiences for students.

ACIM provides an electrician or electrical practitioner the necessary tools to install and maintain an automated control system. The program is open to:

Automated controls systems are relevant to many areas of work, such as in industrial installations, marine electrical work, ground transportation, and especially the power production and renewable energy sectors.

“In full support of a strong electrical industry, ACIM is designed to give electrical students and practitioners a specialized hands-on training experience they need to be leaders in the emerging field of automated controls. I am eager to see what BCIT’s advanced certificate program and our apprenticeship program can accomplish together.”
– Endre “Andy” Cleven, Training Director (Emeritus), Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC)

For more information

The program just kicked off this January 2018, with the next intake starting May 2018. Application acceptance is ongoing throughout the year.

Still have questions? Please contact Ted Simmons for more information.

Learn more about ACIM and the School of Construction and the Environment.

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