30-Day Song Challenge: Day 5 – A Song That Needs To Be Played Out Loud

You will straight up do a stank face once you listen to this song.

The 30-Day Song Challenge. I’ve been seeing it on a lot of my friends’ Instagram Stories, and at first I just ignored it because everyone was doing it and I got spammed with people’s stories left and right about it, but now since most people already finished this, I won’t be as influenced of my choices when I see their answers.

And it’s time to do Day 5.

Took me a while to write this article as I was just hyping the freak out. 30-Day Song Challenge: Day 5 – A Song That Needs To Be Played Out Loud –  Yuki Chiba – Team Tomodachi.

From what I can gather online, Yuki Chiba is more known for his stage name, KOHH. According to Wikipedia, “KOHH grew up around violence and drugs along with his crew of local friends who share the same experience. His tough environment along with his desire to become a rapper gave him a head start in the Japanese hip-hop scene.”

I’m trying to remember how I discovered this song again – oh I know. It was on Youtube shorts where I was happily scrolling through, not thinking about my tasks for that day – basically I was procrastinating. You know how that feels right? Lol

After listening to this song, I immediately went to reaction channels for it and I love how everyone got hyped and stuff, it’s insane. I mean, just look at them!! It’s a sight to behold that you’re not the only one who’s hyping right now.

I had to do some research on Yuki Chiba for a bit and according to Electric Boom Magazine, “Dropped on February 13th, Koshy, renowned for his work with Tokushima rapper Watson, handled the beat production for ‘Team Tomodachi’. The track had already captured the attention of Japan’s rap community after being performed at live events and by DJs prior to its official release.”

We’re not even done yet. Yuki Chiba decided to release a remix with Young Coco, & Jin Dogg, and it became a better mix actually. It’s insane in the membrane! (get it? – I know you did)

Yuki Chiba just unlocked the gates for EVERYONE to watch out for Japanese Hip Hop. It’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m not kidding. This is the beginning of something great, and you should be thankful that you’re witnessing it.

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