Get Ready To Hoot And Holler May 7th


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If you’re looking to support local musicians, find new songs, and ready to jam out then I have the one for you. Vancouver-based artist Hootin is set to release a 12 song album “Exit Conditions” on May 7th. With songs like “Wisdom” and “You Stingy” (Warning! Explicit language) Hootin looks to create a buzz surrounding his new album.

You Stingy gives major Flight of the Conchords vibes with a mix of many instruments to bring you a fun and groovy song to jam to while cruising the town. Fans of Rick and Morty will be given reminiscent memories of “Get Schwifty” as their song propels us into a futuristic world of sick beats and slick bass lines.

I for one will sure be waiting to hear the full version of his song “Wisdom ft. Martha Goddard”, a completely different vibe in the most perfect way, from You Stingy. Hootin takes us on a musical journey through love, passion, and self-exploration as he performs songs like “Disappear”, “Leaking Pen”, and “Old Horrors”. This multi-instrumentalist is set to bring us more new music in 2021.

On their website,, not only will you be accompanied by multiple songs previously released, but also his 30-minute jam sessions. This is where Hootin truly showcases their musical prowess for all to see while playing multiple instruments bringing us into their world of music. Only allow themselves thirty minutes to write and record a new track, something that is not always easy for those of us who also play music.

There are plenty of albums to listen to in 2021 coming out of Vancouver, and Hootin’s upcoming album Exit Conditions is definitely one of them. As the pandemic has hit many artists within the city the time is now to support and elevate the people truly working hard towards their passions. Hootin is a gleaming example of someone producing incredible vibes for all of us to enjoy, so on May 7th make sure to stream the new album on all major streaming services.


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