Beautiful Spots and Sights to See

I’ve lived in Vancouver pretty much my entire life. I’ve travelled around the world but some places in Vancouver could simply never be replaced. We have some of the most beautiful spots to sightsee and some awesome food places that are truly unique to Vancouver life. Here are some of my favourite spots to go to and check out especially as summer comes along. 

Deep Cove: 

Deep Cove is based in North Vancouver which is home to a beautiful beach. It’s quiet and serene with lots around the area to check out and try. First off if you love to kayak, paddle board, or even just take a dip the Deep Cove beach is the spot for you. This beach is quite rocky but very enclosed with a great view of the Valleys and it is the perfect spot for family, friends, and furry friends. Also, if you’ve been planning to start hiking or just simply want to reconnect with nature the hike to Quarry Rock is there as well. My friends and I love doing this trial. It’s not too difficult to do and the ambiance and energy are unmatched. The view from the top of the rock is top-notch and worth the hike up. What’s great about Deep Cove is the little town around it that holds a lot of great food places as well. If you wanna get a cold treat, Deep Cove Ice Cream is a great place to grab some scoops of your favourite flavours. I always steer towards the bubble gum or cotton candy flavours my go-to order since I was a kid. Or if you’re looking for something savoury and sweet Honey Donuts & Goodies is a great lunch spot to grab some of their famous donuts or even some brunch it gets quite busy so if you want to check it out I recommend early afternoon during the weekdays but these might change during the summer break. If you’re craving a hardy meal Dip Co. Sandwich makes some of the best sandwiches and is even home of the big cheese! Overall Deep Cove is a great place to check out and should be a pit stop to check out in Vancouver. 

Deer Lake Park: 

Deer Lake is Located in the city of Burnaby and is a prominent figure in Burnaby and a spot for everyone. If you’re looking for a nice walk without hiking Deer Lake Park has a great trail that surrounds the entire lake and is a great source of exercise on a beautiful sunny day. They hold lots of community events The Burnaby Blooms are being held from 11-2 pm these next two Saturdays May 18th and May 25th. They have many vendors and wonderful flower arrangements and gardens to look at and snap some pictures of this is located at the Festival Gardens just found along the Deer Lake Pathway or right next to Shadbolt Theatre. I grew up coming to this spot especially with my friends because it’s free and affordable if you would like to do any activities. My best friend and I love going on pedal boats together every summer. It only costs us up to 10-20$ to rent out for an hour and it’s a fun way to soak in the sun and adventure around the lake. And you will be followed by dozens of geese around the park and lake. But one thing I do not recommend is eating popcorn while pedal boating. Trust me you will have a flock of geese trailing behind you or even one trying to say hi on the boats with you. This place is truly one of my favourite places even to just hang out and a definite recommendation for locations to check out this summer. 

Greta Bar and Shark Club: 

If you’re looking for some nighttime fun, Greta Bar located along Cordova St is a great place to wind down. I’ve got some fun stories at this bar and so can you! I’ve gotten Santa to buy my friends and me a round of shots, that’s what I would consider holiday cheer. Greta has great music, a fun atmosphere, and fun arcade games to play if you’re not on the dance floor. You can purchase a game card and you can play all kinds of games like Mario Kart, Pac-Man, and Basketball, or even just take some cute photo booth pictures with your friends. And if you’re celebrating a birthday you can reserve a table on their website and try the big fishbowl drink they’ve got. Craving some food? Greta has a food truck-style lineup where you can order tasty garlic parmesan fries for you and your friends to share. Those fries hit when you’re about 2-3 tequila shots in and a much-needed remedy after dancing. Are you a sports fan? The Shark Club is a great spot to check out if you want to go watch your favourite team play more specifically the Canucks especially now in the playoffs. The Shark Club Bar & Grill is located on West Georgia St just by Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium and if you’re coming from a game you’ll make it just in time for happy hour. My go-to order is the pink lemonade. I’m not sure what’s in it but it is really good and well priced. I usually go for chicken tenders and fries and there is seating so it’s nice to just chill out and have a seat, drink some cold ones, have a cold chicken tendie, and have a great conversation with your friends or fellow sports fan. These two bars will always be my go-to spots in downtown Vancouver to grab drinks with my friends and another spot you can add to your travel list.

Granville Island Public Market: 

Granville Island is a great way to spend the day in Vancouver with lots of fun treats, activities, and shops to check out. I love to stop at the Crystal Ark. It holds an energy that is just truly calm and peaceful. The food spots there are a must-try. They’ve got pizza places, yummy donuts, and fresh produce markets all located in the Granville Island Public Market. It also holds many cute shops as well, especially for souvenirs. And don’t ever think you’re too old to check out the Kids Market. It has so many fun shops and art that make up the whimsical atmosphere that the kid’s market holds. Granville Island has such a comforting environment and is quite nostalgic as well. Every time my friends and I visit it has such a cinematic feel to it the same sense as a romance movie or a coming-of-age film. Especially in the spring/summertime, it is such a great place for every age because there’s truly something for everyone! 

Overall, these spots are just a few of the best places located in Vancouver but these are just some places I love to always go back to and always miss when travelling. There are a handful of more places that I could list off but you’d be reading this as if it was a 200-page novel. It is truly a wonder to be living in Vancouver because, within every 4 seasons, there is always an activity to do.

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