Who Are True Cup Contenders?

Are you ready for silly season? It is fast approaching and it’s an exciting time to be a hockey fan. The NHL trade deadline is now behind us but playoffs are just around the corner. It seems pretty clear at this point which top teams will make and which ones won’t. But this year seems more wide open than it’s been in a very long time. So we will be Stanley Cup Champions? Well, I got a top three list for you of who I think will bring home lord Stanley’s Cup and give us some hilarious Cup celebration videos.

Honorable Mentions

I can’t not talk about the Vancouver Canucks in this conversation. While I think they’re not the favourites to win it, if things go well for them, they very much could do what Canucks fans have been longing for for over 50 years. For the Canucks, my only hesitation with them is their inexperience in the playoffs. A lot of this will depend on Thatcher Demko’s health more than anything, but although the Canucks may not be the favourites, if 2020 is anything to go off of, never count out the Vancouver Canucks.

3. Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars are never bad because of how well they draft and this team has stayed competitive while still getting younger over the past few years. There really aren’t a ton of holes on the Dallas Stars and they are primed for at least a decent showing in the playoffs. Their only question mark has been their goalie Jake Ottinger who hasn’t had a great year, but I’m confident he’ll turn it around for the playoffs. Also, shoutout to Kamloops native, Logan Stankoven, who is well on his way to being a star in this league.

2. Colorado Avalanche

You can never go wrong betting on this team. They have so many offensive weapons and they can shut you down defensively as well. The Avs are pretty close to a complete team and the only question they have is similar to the Stars which is goaltending. Alexandar Georgiev is solid but he hasn’t proved he can win in the playoffs. But with how good the Avs are, it may not even matter. Watch out for the Avs because they could very well win their second cup in three years.

1. Florida Panthers

The team that failed to win the Stanley Cup last year may just be the favourites to win it all this year. Much like the Stars and Avalanche, the Panthers don’t really have any holes and their goaltending with Sergei Bobrovsky has been excellent. The Panthers are hungry and they want redemption for losing in the cup finals last year and they just may be better than they were last year.

The Stanley Cup playoffs is always such a joy to watch and this year is primed to be another exciting year. And you know damn well that all these teams I mentioned aren’t winning it and it’s going to be some team that is an 8th seed or something like that.

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