Best Batman Ever?

Batman is undoubtedly the most beloved superhero from DC comics of all time, which is also weird because he doesn’t have superpowers. Or parents. But he’s a billionaire and has an IQ of around 192. Many actors have donned the iconic cape and cowl, but which one played him the best?

Starting with the third spot, we have Christian Bale. The Dark Knight, a film released 15 years ago, is often hailed as one of the best Batman movies ever made, according to IMDb and Metacritic (9.0 out of a scale of 10 and 84 out of 100, respectively). Bale’s portrayal shines due to the captivating narrative and realistic Gotham setting. The setting of Gotham is too close to home, and the villains have realistic and reasonable motivations. Bale’s villains are what elevated this rendition of the hero, especially the likes of Joker, Two-Face, and the Scarecrow. But it also has some flaws, such as his Batmobile being a tank (when he’s supposed to be discreet) and Bale’s annoying Batman voice. It sounds like a growl and hardest to understand.

Securing the second position is Robert Pattinson, whose Batman in “The Batman” is praised for its realism and accuracy. Despite initial backlash about his casting, Pattinson’s performance won hearts when the film hit theatres in March 2022. His portrayal reflects a younger, less experienced Batman, with a surprisingly good physique and detective skills. The movie emphasizes Batman’s fallibility and human nature, making it stand out.

However, my personal favourite is Lego Batman, brought to life through the voice of Will Arnett. This version of Batman is far from the serious and brooding character we are used to. Instead, Lego Batman is hilariously cute, incredibly immature, and an absolute delight as a Lego minifigure. Despite the comedic elements, this representation retains the essence of Batman, the billionaire playboy who fights crime, and adds a unique charm with brick batarangs.

Christian Bale and Robert Pattinson are undoubtedly outstanding actors, portraying Batman in powerful and dramatic ways that have left a memorable impact on cinema. Bale’s dark and intense movies, along with Pattinson’s more practical and grounded portrayal, have their own appeal. However, the adorable and quirky Lego Batman, with his childish yet charming personality, steals the spotlight for its unique approach. In the end, the best Batman portrayal remains a matter of personal preference, reflecting the diverse and fascinating interpretations of this beloved superhero.

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