What’s Your Style?

If there’s one thing that will never stop evolving, it’s fashion. Every country, every era, heck, every person has their own sense of style. What’s in goes out, and what was out comes back in. It’s always changing and you never know what’s gonna be next. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but that’s why you’re reading this! I’m here to let you know what’s currently in style so you can step up your fall closet to the next level. 

The first thing you need to know is that there’s a lot of different styles- so the first step is to find yours. Take this quick quiz to find your personal aesthetic! Make sure to keep this information in mind when you’re applying the rest of what you read here!

The next step is to understand your body type. It’s not so much the clothing you wear as how it fits you. Different looks look better on different body types.

For example, if you have a long torso, high waisted pants will look really good on you compared to low waisted pants, because they will give you a look of longer legs. If you have a short torso, low waisted pants would look better to make your torso look longer and your legs a little shorter. Understanding proportions like this is exceptionally important when it comes to fashion and looking your best. An outfit may look great on one person and the exact same thing may not look as good on someone else. For more information, watch this great video

It’s important to keep up with worldwide fashion icons, too. It’s New York fashion week, so it’s the perfect time to see what’s new! Keep in mind these are designer outfits and they are very out there- so if that’s not quite in your style and budget, don’t worry! It’s just to give you an idea of what’s going on in the fashion world. 

Finally, here’s the top 8 fashion trends of 2023 that you should know about. 

Putting all this information together, your style should be brand new and banging! Remember to put your own twist on your outfits- whether that’s through accessories, hairstyles, or the outfit itself, make it yours and own it! I love just looking through the new trends for inspiration, and who knows, maybe you can upcycle your old closet instead of going out and buying a whole new wardrobe! Because trust me, I know how expensive things can be nowadays. Annnd don’t worry, upcycling is totally in fashion! Enjoy making your closet comfortable and just being you!

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