AVA Tournament Announces New Trophy!

All VS All (AVA) grappling tournament are ready to put on a show for their upcoming season.

AVA is a submission only grappling tournament that has taken British Columbia by storm these past few years. The event is popular due to its ruleset and submission only structure. Competitors are put into a round robin bracket which means maximizing matches for competitors, with a heavy reward for submission wins.

The tournament has upped their game this year though. AVA is running a championship tournament that will take place throughout the course of 2023. March 4th the event held their first tournament for the new series. The next tournament will be held June 10th and 11th at Riverside Secondary School! AVA is pulling out all the stops for this tournament, creating new medals for the championships and awarding the Pro Division winners a title belt if they take home the gold.

The biggest trophy of them all though is the AVA Cup. AVA posted their new trophy to Instagram the other day:

Every team and competitor in Vancouver will be fighting for this title which will lead to a super exciting and entertaining series.

Come watch the next AVA June 10th and 11th!

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