A Port Coquitlam Friend Group Are Taking Advantage Of The Nice Weather!

The sun has finally showed it’s face on a more permanent basis as of late and a group of Port Coquitlam friends have decided to take full advantage of the nice weather!

Mattias Cipriano decided to invite his friends out during the summer of 2022 to play the popular game Spikeball. The day was a success and the group decided to play more often. The games started out pretty casual, but one day Mattias and a few others had the idea to turn it into a competitive league:

“We played basically every weekend, sometimes 2 times a day so we were basically already playing scheduled weekly games. Eventually we reached a point where we felt like we were all pretty good from a technical aspect and really the only way to improve was through developing strategies. Obviously strategic gameplay lends itself to playing with a consistent partner rather than playing with 10 of your friends in individual games. So we figured by building set teams that we can practice within and play with consistently, we can work on taking our games to the next level and continuing to improve.” Said Mattias.

While the introduction of a league may sound intense at first, Mattias assures that the emphasis is still on the friend group coming together to have a good time:

“Healthy competition makes things fun and I think at the end of the day we are still just a bunch of friends smacking balls at the trampoline, we just gave our games a little more structure and added an extra competitive element.”

The group now has 20 players consistently and teams have been made for a full on summer league.

Their season will start in June but that hasn’t stopped the group from coming out to participate in some games over the course of the past few weeks.

While this group of friends may be turning a fun game into a competitive one, at the end of the day it’s just a group of friends getting outdoors and playing some sports, which is always nice to see.

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