Sharing is caring, except for names.

Many people in the world share a name. Recently, there was a case where someone bought a Cameo video for his friend who is a fan of The 1975, specifically their frontman Matt Healy. After a few days, he received the video, only to realize he got Matt Heafy from Trivium. Heafy only found out about what happened after the person who ordered it made a video about the incident.

As someone who is named Josh, I’ve been a victim of a case like this three times: two in 8th grade and one in 9th grade. This mix-up all happened with another Josh whose last name starts with an S.

The first time happened when I was starting high school. I was called into the counsellor’s office to talk about changes to my schedule. I had no idea why but I went along with it. Toward the end, we noticed a few things. One, the picture that pulled up when my file opened wasn’t mine. That should’ve been the time to say something but we kept going. When the counsellor handed me my schedule, it had the name of the other Josh. I don’t know what caused the mix-up but we realized the mistake and moved on.

The 2nd time it happened was not as bad, but still notable. I was called into the counsellor’s for some reason, not knowing why. I was in the waiting area and when my counsellor came, she realized she called the wrong classroom and sent me back.

This final case almost caused a headache. My brother’s now fiance was working at one of the public rec centres. She was talking to someone who she found out was one of my friends at the time. When she asked if she knew anyone from my school named Josh, my friend said “Yeah he’s my ex.” Just to make sure she got the right Josh, she asked my friend if she meant Sanchez since as of right now, I’ve never been in a relationship. My friend quickly corrected herself saying “Oh that guy? Yeah, he’s my homie. That was another Josh.”

People are going to share names whether they like it or not. You can go with your life being awkward about it, or embrace it and bond with other people who share the same name, just like the Joshes that held the Josh Fight.

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