Descending into development hell

A lot of things can go through development hell at any time, whether that would be production issues or other factors. Development hell is when a piece of media that has been announced hasn’t been officially released for ten years without any confirmation of it being cancelled.

One thing that I’ve been waiting for a long time is Time II by Wintersun, a metal band from Finland. Time was announced in 2006, but half the songs wouldn’t be released until 2012 as Time I. The second batch of songs has yet to be released. Most of the delays are from production issues due to the complexity of the tracks, with each song containing at least a few hundred tracks. This level of production has caused major slowdowns with computers crashing during the process. As of right now, the album is around 90% done but with no official release date as of right now, we can’t tell when it’s coming out.

Something that a lot of people were waiting for a long time was a sequel to the 2009 movie Avatar. Sequels were announced one year after with a possible 2014 release day, but many factors such as James Cameron being busy, the VFX crew wanting to get the water motion capture right, and the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way. Eventually, a sequel was released with mixed results. While people were impressed with the film’s visuals, people were underwhelmed with the film’s stories.

Things shouldn’t be in production forever, but taking time is still better than rushing something for it to end in disaster. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. When the rushed thing gets released as bad, that’s all people will end up talking about for its existence. Remember, quality doesn’t just happen overnight. Quality happens when people pay attention to detail.

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