World Television Day!

If you didn’t know, now you know, November 21st is World Television Day. Why November 21st you might ask? Well, this day commemorates when the UN General Assembly had its first-ever World Television Forum in 1996.

From chunky old televisions with black and white footage to the introduction of color TVs and then now flat screen options, televisions have come a long way. But first, a quick flashback, as it’s almost been a century since the invention of the first electronic television, which was created by a young 21-year-old inventor, Philo Taylor Farnsworth in 1927. Surprisingly, Philo grew up in a house without electricity and was only 14 years old when first introduced to electricity. It only took him 7 years to figure out how to program, code, and bring pictures and images to life on screen, with the first-ever television broadcast being aired a year later in 1928.

It wasn’t till 1938 that television sets became available to the public. Still, at the time, they weren’t affordable to the average household, with TVs costing around $1,300, which would translate to about $14,000 today! Thankfully, today, televisions have dropped significantly, and you can buy a 42-inch flat-screen TV for around $300 to $400. Plus, we have so many options to choose from with endless channels, streaming services, apps, and even games, all at our fingertips.

So, to celebrate this special day, think about what your favorite thing is to watch, or do on your TV. Is it watching your favorite hockey team play on the big screen, or maybe it’s catching up on the latest news, or is it kicking your feet up and indulging in your favorite series? Whatever it is, TVs have an incredible way of bringing us what we need, when we need it, and sometimes I think we take that for granted, but today, we appreciate all it’s given us for almost a century.

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