Josh Ramsay Honouring His Mothers Music

Lead singer of Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay recorded a song called “Christmas Angel” last year and released it on all streaming platforms on the 18th of November, this year. Ramsay’s mother- Corlynn Hanney (Ramsay) composed the song that Ramsay did his own version of.

Corlynn passed away in December of 2020 from COVID-19, which ended her lengthy battle with Lewy Body Dementia. Corlynn wrote many songs of her own, she was a really musically talented woman who was very involved in the musical community.

Josh Ramsay wrote a few songs about his mother in Marianas trench’s fourth studio album “Astoria.” The basis of the song “forget me not” explains how he isn’t ready to say goodbye to her. Ramsay has talked briefly about what he wants his songs about his mom to be like. “I didn’t want it to feel like grief. I wanted it to feel like love.”

Ramsay gives insight on why he chose to record this song of his mothers:

“This song, written by my mom, was always a favorite of mine. I wanted to share some of my mom’s work with people who never got the chance to hear it. It was a classic in our house and it always reminds me of her, and our family and friends being together for the holidays.” – Josh Ramsay


I’m glad Ramsay can remember his mom through this song and I’m glad he shared it with the rest of us. He really did the song justice. Doing all the production and vocals on his own.

I think it’s a very beautiful thing, singing his mother’s song. The song itself is beautiful and the love you can hear he carries for her while singing her song is even more beautiful. It’s just two minutes and ten seconds of beauty.

This song will one hundred percent be on repeat at my house this Christmas season.

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