The importance of sports in youth

In the midst on a pandemic, it wasn’t easy finding ways to keep children active. Now as restrictions are being lessened it’s now more important to ensure youth are active. They may not become a professional athlete but the skills and connection they make can make a positive impact on their future selves.

Staying active is an import part for all of us in day-to-day life. For adults we just go to the gym or for a run. To ask a child to do that and focus is unrealistic and doesn’t keep their mind active. I know myself as a kid I could never find joy in going for a run.

Sports add a level of focus and creativity to being active. Whether its soccer, baseball or even dance. Kids need to be stimulated mentally if they are going to be active. This may mean trying out multiple programs to find the right sport, because as much importance it is to be active you shouldn’t force your kid into something they do not enjoy.

“The benefits of sports are numerous and can impact lives in profound ways. Team sports participation promotes health and wellbeing, builds confidence, and can help maintain mental health.” –

The interaction is what helps children develop their social skills and the staying active helps them develop overall.

If you’re wanting to help your child to stay active in a program your participation is just as important. You need to show support by being at their games and recitals. Practice with them at home. One of my fondest memories is throwing the ball back and forth with my mom and her helping me hone my pitching.

There are tons of active options that children can get into. Canada itself has an initiative to help keep children active so no child is to miss out. There are resources for everyone

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