BC Government is not helping farm employees as Promised.

Mink Farms have always been a subject of controversy. Which ever side you sit on the employees are not getting treated as fairly as believed.

Earlier the BC Government announced that farmers have till 2025 to shut down. Well in reality the limitations they have given the farms is that they cannot functionally operate past January 2022. Leaving thousands of workers unemployed.

Mink farms have been a subject of COVID19 spread since December 2020 when mink had tested positive for the virus. Since then mink farms in BC have spent hundreds of thousands to ensure the prevention on the virus being spread to their employees. Mandating vaccinations of everyone who steps foot on their farms and weekly rapid testing.


Upon the announcement that the NDP were to phase out the farms saying they would work closely with the farmers in transitioning and help the employees find new employment with training.

As of now the government has been in talks with farmers only informing them of what they can and can’t do in the coming months.

As for the workers on the farms many are immigrants who’s only means of work they’ve had moving to Canada is the farm. The government has yet to offer any form on financial aid or further employment help. Merely offering suggestions of possible employment.

“They’ve told them to get jobs at dairy farms and green houses and they’ve offered suicide prevention support to the mink ranch owners”

For or against the industry a government that is for the working people should be more involved in helping those who’s only means of income has been stripped away.



It’s Christmas time, lets put up the tree.

In towns and cities all over BC the annual lighting of the Christmas tree is a celebration that brings a community together.


In the Brookswood village located in South Langley the residence are extremely excited as last year due to public health mandates were unable to gather.

“It’s always a great family experience every year they give up popcorn and candy and hot chocolate for the kids and just brings us together as a community which is something I think we need after such a long year.”

After the past year many are excited to truly feel the spark of Christmas again.

If you’d like to join in the fun of the season with the community of Brookswood their annual tree lighting takes place Dec 3rd from 5:30-7:30pm. located on 200th street and 40th by the SuperSave gas.

Could we see A.I be the next break through to aid the mental health epidemic?

We truly are living in an era of advancements. Researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital conducted in a human pilot study that shows it is possible to improve specific brain functions with the help of A.I.

The study conducted by Alik Widge, MD, PhD was on 12 patients who were getting brain surgery for epilepsy. The procedure was that doctors places hundreds of small electrodes through out the brain that would then record and identify where the patients epilepsy would originate from.

The procedure would use the electrodes in combination with AI to decode and map out a brains functions.

Now going into clinical trials they are looking into using this new form of technology to help people with mental illness to regain control of their mental state. The question is should Canada invest in this type of study in the midst of its own mental health epidemic? Some people think so.

“I think it would be a great idea, if it helps families who are struggling with that and if it helps people with those illnesses be able to function better in society. Why not I mean it’s better than the struggling everyday”

Once formal trials have been approved we could be seeing this form of medical science rapidly be applied to those with extreme cases of chronic mental illness.

Lack of supply isn’t the only reason shelve could be bare this Christmas

Amidst the panic buying, and product shortages that many retailers are facing in an on going struggle to keep shelves full there is one more cause for delay that we are facing.

It is a bit unnerving to see the shelves this bare.

Many over seas and across board distributor are facing their own shortages. A customs brokers for Livingston says that some companies aren’t so much struggling with getting product, so much as having the means to distribute it.

“People aren’t getting their goods over seas because they can’t find enough people, [longshoremen etc.]. To work at the ports to load up in say China and unload in say the US.”

Most of the product brought over to Canada overseas is received at the ports in Seattle. These obstructions in trans it are the cause of product delays.

“It could be up to a year before they get something they expected 6 weeks ago.”

These delays aren’t yet predicted to ease up in the coming weeks unfortunately.

Are Students getting the help they need in this time?

Mental health has been the topic of discussion through out the pandemic. As we start seeing a glimpse of normality going into this holiday season the province of B.C was hit with a devastating environmental disaster.

The Province of British Colombia was seeing a decline of mental health related deaths’ nearing the end a October as restrictions were lifted and those in need were able to see their friends and family.

The floods devastated BC November 15, 2021 leaving many cities is a state of emergency. As emergency services reached out offering services to those directly effected, what about the Students?

The floods happened at a very crucial time in the school year as students mental health is on a decline focusing on their studies.

One student says his university didn’t reach out or offer any form of help or acknowledgment towards other student that were effected.

“Don’t get me wrong I love Kwantlen however I’m fairly disappointed that they haven’t made any sort of effort to help or reach out to their students affected by the floods. Even a simple email with links of where we can get financial assistance or therapy would have been a nice gesture but my inbox is void of even a simple acknowledgement that the floods even happened. It’s very likely that significant portion of KPU students have been affected by the floods thankfully I wasn’t one of them but I worry for the other students have had to deal with the floods happening so close to finals and to the start of a new spring term.”

Student’s put a level of trust in their institutions for their education. Should the institute not reach out to their student to ensure they are not lost in this devastating time?

If you or a loved one has been effected by the floods and/or mental health there are programs who are here to help.

Get Help


New era for the Female Athlete.

The world of professional sports for women is ever changing. Perhaps it hasn’t been the fastest or the most seamless smooth change but a change none the less.

The first professional women’s sport team founded over 40 years ago in 1974 which was football followed by basketball in 178 since then it’s been a slow rise as the Canadian Women’s Hockey league was formed in 2007 but has since stopped operating in 2018. The United States National Women’s hockey was only founded 6 years ago in 2015 and is the first professional league that they are to pay their athletes.

The 1960’s through the 1980’s is where women were being to see the light of modern day. This period of time was extremely successful for women in sports, and it highlighted their potential and skill. In 1981 the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in sports was form Which is now know as “Canadian Women and Sports”.

The Canadian Women and Sports is an association that helps women to progress in sports and to stand up for their safety. They are committed to gender equality and giving women the resources to use their voices.

As women establish themselves in the world of professional athletes, they are now starting conversations on abuse in their fields. Many female athletes are coming forward about their abuse they received because there were many years before that would punish their careers for standing up for themselves.


Women sports are now seeing fans of their sports raising their voices for them in inequalities they see. In the recent Olympics held in Tokyo fans made it known about their disappointment on the fact that Women’s Softball had to share and play on a Baseball field not a standard Softball field.

There is still a long ways to go for women in sports but now they are no longer forced to be silent. They conversations of money, abuse and inequality are being had and they are no longer falling on deaf ears.

The importance of sports in youth

In the midst on a pandemic, it wasn’t easy finding ways to keep children active. Now as restrictions are being lessened it’s now more important to ensure youth are active. They may not become a professional athlete but the skills and connection they make can make a positive impact on their future selves.

Staying active is an import part for all of us in day-to-day life. For adults we just go to the gym or for a run. To ask a child to do that and focus is unrealistic and doesn’t keep their mind active. I know myself as a kid I could never find joy in going for a run.

Sports add a level of focus and creativity to being active. Whether its soccer, baseball or even dance. Kids need to be stimulated mentally if they are going to be active. This may mean trying out multiple programs to find the right sport, because as much importance it is to be active you shouldn’t force your kid into something they do not enjoy.

“The benefits of sports are numerous and can impact lives in profound ways. Team sports participation promotes health and wellbeing, builds confidence, and can help maintain mental health.” – HerrenWellness.com

The interaction is what helps children develop their social skills and the staying active helps them develop overall.

If you’re wanting to help your child to stay active in a program your participation is just as important. You need to show support by being at their games and recitals. Practice with them at home. One of my fondest memories is throwing the ball back and forth with my mom and her helping me hone my pitching.

There are tons of active options that children can get into. Canada itself has an initiative to help keep children active so no child is to miss out. There are resources for everyone

Fantasy league for beginners

Fantasy leagues have become a growing craze since there were started in 1962 by Oakland businessman Wilfred Winkenbach, Bill Tunnel with the Raiders public relations and reporter Scotty Stirling. Originally created for football has now spread to other sports like hockey with its fantasy league going back to the 1980s and Soccer which was started by an Italian journalist in 1994.

Most often Fantasy Leagues are played amongst small groups of people, often sports bars will have their own fantasy pool that you’re able to participate in and win cash prizes. Though it isn’t limited to just that. The NFL holds a National Fantasy Championship with a prize of $200,000 and more.

There are multiple ways people have adapted to play Fantasy Football but there are three main means of playing: Traditional, Keeper of Dynasty league, and Daily.

Traditional is a competition that typically runs a throughout the whole season.

Keeper of Dynasty League are drafted the same as “Traditional” but instead of making a news roster each season you are to keep your line up every year. Only drafting new players when players in your original league have retired.

Daily is a short form version of traditional which is often used for contest or competition. You’ll typically find this version for online fantasy leagues and betting pools.

Now a very basic start up you’ll need to begin you’re fantasy draft is you read up on player states and then select your players. The average fantasy team is 16 but that could change depending on your league.

Once you’ve selected your team you pick 9 players for the week to earn you points depending on plays made in games they played in the week. The left over 7 can be switched out under conditions if players in your original start up is injured or unable to play.


Once you’ve selected, your team now is to just sit back, watch and remember to track your points. There are now apps and websites that can help you track and give you tips on your selected players to strategize your team.

So, would you join a fantasy team with your friends or even to win prizes?

Dodgeball, it’s not just for kids!


When you were in elementary school what was the one game you remember playing? Some enjoyed it others not so much. Yet it’s often though a game that a lot of adults would say they would gladly pick up again me included. Well did you know that Dodgeball has its official league right here at home?

Vancouver Dodgeball League is one of the largest leagues and is a non-for-profit organization that was founded in 2004 by Kevin Bao with its ever-growing community of over 2000 players. With over 50 plus executive volunteers they are currently going on to their 30th season.

Vancouver Dodgeball league’s mission is to advance the sport and build the community through organizing a variety of activities, including league play, tournaments, skills clinics, and pub nights!

Through Dodgeball tournaments and events, the Vancouver Dodgeball League has helped raise over $54,000. They’ve helped such organizations like Big Brothers Association of Greater Vancouver, The Canadian Red Cross (Asian Tsunami and Haiti Relief efforts), The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, The BC Cancer Foundation, and many more.


If you’re interested in joining or checking out the league, they do have weekly drop in date for those just to learn and play dodgeball for fun. Drop in is $5 but if this is your first go it is free! Players of all ages and athletic ability are welcome.

Season 30 begins mid January 2022 and plays through to May 2022. So, if you are interested in the world of dodge ball to check out when their next drop in is. Who knows you may find your self playing on Canada’s very own national dodgeball team in tournaments all over Canada. Register has started as of November 12, 2022.

All league information and season schedules are available on their website VDLdodgeball.ca or check out their Instagram @vdldodgeball.

Is Canada getting a new NHL Team?

Could we see the return of the Quebec hockey team the Nordiques? Or is this merely all speculations and wishful thinking?

The Quebec Nordiques were a professional Hockey team that were apart if the World Hockey Association from 1972-1979 then the National Hockey League from 1979 to 1995. In May of 1995 they relocated to Denver Colorado where they were renamed the Colorado Avalanche. The decision to move the team was due to the align Canadian dollar,

There is talks of the Nordiques returning the Canadian Hockey league. Earlier this week Grey Brettman talked with Quebec Premier Francois Legault with setting up a meeting to further discuss.

“I spoke with [Mr. Bettman], and we have meetings with him in the coming months,” Legault said. “We are looking at what we need to bring back the Nordiques. I think we are capable of having a second team in Quebec.”

One issue faced with bringing back the Nordiques is their ability to employ French Canadian Players. This is a raised issue with the Montreal Canadiens who only have 3 Quebec players.

With the recent addition on the Seattle Krakens there is the concern is the league would consider expanding and to a total 33 teams. Right now, the league is split with an even 16 teams between the Wester and Eastern Conference.

Although NHL Officials have said they aren’t any meeting to be expected or planned Legault is adamant that that meeting in the coming months are under way.



Legault is up for re-election in October 2022 so there is also political speculation that he is using the possible return of the Nordiques as a part of a political strategy.

To stay up to date on all NFL News on current teams and the future on the league head NFL for the full roster head over to there official website or keep an eye here on Evolution,