Vancouver’s Movie and Film Industry back at 70% capacity


Vancouver’s movie and film industry took a major blow in production due to Co vid 19 starting back in the spring of 2020. Lighting technician Thor Kreppenhoffer says the industry is running back at 70%. Kreppenhoffer announces that they now have a huge void to fill. It was a struggle but overall people are happy to be back and are getting use to protocols that are mandated by provincial health orders.

“Because of Co vid we are running with less people. less fluttered and so on. Always a Co vid technician, always cleaning on set.”

Kreppenhoffer announced that it wont be long before those who go on set be required to be vaccinated. He understands that some are against it.

“In order to be on set and those close quarters, they are going to require those to be vaccinated.”

Kreppenhoffer says he is healthy and has been vaccinated his whole life and that he hardly gets sick.

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