Vancouver’s animation industry is looking for talent!

Vancouver’s animation industry is back and currently on a bull run. The Co Vid 19 pandemic made a huge blow to the provinces economy. However, things are different for the animation industry. Associate production manager of Sony Pictures Image works Paige Berezay announced that the animation industry will be looking for highly talented artist. The industry is constantly looking for individuals including new graduates. Berezay stated that you don’t have to be from the Greater Vancouver Regional District because work can be done remotely.


” we have a lot of projects coming up and so they will be looking for people. The great thing is that if you are remote you don’t necessary have to come to Vancouver”.


Berezay announced that they have been rewarded a few projects and that the animation industry is constant and that the work can be over whelming at times.

Paid parking officially back at Granville Island Market


Unfortunately it’s back! Paid parking is now in affect through out Granville Island Market. Paid parking was temporarily suspended due to Co Vid 19 pandemic last year. Granville Island manager and program director Lisa Ono announced that a lot of people were coming to the island, parking then leaving. No one was patronizing the small businesses.

” what we were observing was that people were coming to Granville Island, parking and leaving either on their bike or going downtown on the ferry”.

Ono announces that when parking is at 85% capacity. It becomes a disincentive for people to come to the island. Paid parking is relatively inexpensive through out Granville island market. The hours of parking start from 11 am till 6 pm. Free parking after 6pm is to encourage the public to eat at  local restaurants through out the island that will remain open after the market closes.

BaseBall is back for 2021..


Baseball is back and back with solid registrations numbers for the 2021 season. North Shore Baseball Association communication director Jacquie Griffiths announced that interest for minor league baseball for the 2021 season has exploded especially among the 7 under age group.

“also had helped from VIA sport, we received grants because of the extra cost of safety equipment and sanitizer”.

Griffiths also states that grants from the provincial government allowed the association to invest more into player development for 7 and under age group. The grants helped kept the sport  baseball alive. The extra funding from VIA Sport and the federal government helped offset the cost of personal protective equipment.

Samba Dancing being kept alive during the 3rd Wave!


Local business owner and Samba dance instructor Yulia Terekh says staying in physical shape has helped her over come the mental stress of running a business. Terekh announced that during during the year she has seen clients being overwhelmed by the pandemic. She has been a source of encouragement to her clients during the 3rd wave of covid 19.

Maintaining physical health is important. Thats what i pursue and encourage my clients.

Even though the protocols are constantly changing she’s glad she has a strong support team running her business. Every time she runs a new course, new protocols are issued by the health authority, resulting in loss revenue.


Vancouver’s Movie and Film Industry back at 70% capacity


Vancouver’s movie and film industry took a major blow in production due to Co vid 19 starting back in the spring of 2020. Lighting technician Thor Kreppenhoffer says the industry is running back at 70%. Kreppenhoffer announces that they now have a huge void to fill. It was a struggle but overall people are happy to be back and are getting use to protocols that are mandated by provincial health orders.

“Because of Co vid we are running with less people. less fluttered and so on. Always a Co vid technician, always cleaning on set.”

Kreppenhoffer announced that it wont be long before those who go on set be required to be vaccinated. He understands that some are against it.

“In order to be on set and those close quarters, they are going to require those to be vaccinated.”

Kreppenhoffer says he is healthy and has been vaccinated his whole life and that he hardly gets sick.