The Office is NOT a Personality Trait: Get it Together Boys

Being single in a pandemic is has it’s ups and it’s downs. I don’t have to hang out with someone 24/7. Oh man, I’m not sure if I could do that. that scares me about marriage. Having to spend everyday together. I fell like I would be bored. Anyways, I’m no where close to being married so that doesn’t matter right now.

But boys, listen up here. Having an empty bio? Boring. Write a little bit about yourself. All I know about you then is that you take gym mirror selfies, drink bud light and have hiked to the top of a mountain. Great, you seem so interesting… not.

Since we are on the bio topic, I would like to let you know the worst thing that is put in the bios. Anything about The Office. Being able to quote every line from The Office is not a personality trait. In what world did you think oh, I’m going to put the Office quotes in your bio? First of all, I hate The Office so that’s a huge turn off. It’s not funny. It’s basic humour. I have a much more complex sense of humour, so no thank you.

Another thing that a dude should not do, is put a picture of themselves holding a fish that they caught. We get it, your friend invited you out fishing once and your proud of what you caught. But I’ll tell you one thing, you’re not going to catch me and many other ladies out there. This also makes a gal think, “hmm maybe he will want to be out in a swamp fishing on the weekend instead of on a rooftop patio having margaritas.” Instant swipe left.

Now let’s talk about photos with friends. Don’t have multiple picture with the same friend. Half the time we will be thinking it’s you. I had this problem just yesterday and I’m still annoyed by it. If you have a better looking friend or the friend is just someone else’s type, there is a higher chance you’re going to have more matches. Once we find out which one you are, 50/50 chance of an unmatch. Just post photos of you, or maybe just one with a friend so we can see that you are semi social.

And one thing that is even worse than photos with friends, is a photo with you and another girl. Is she your sister? A previous girlfriend? A current girlfriend? Or a friend? Now we are wondering if we would have to be concerned about this girl. Big mistake. Just leave other people out of it… unless it is you and your parents. I like seeing those to get a sense that family is important to you. So keep the family pictures up but any other people should not be in your photos.

So, all you men out there, I hope you read this articles very carefully. Maybe, go back and read it twice or three times? I think it’ll help you find your cinderella a lot faster. And don’t worry, a follow up article about your conversation starts and inappropriate comments will be next.


Your single girls

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