B.C. Wineries to Check Out

If there’s one thing I love, its wine. BC is filled with beautiful wineries to enjoy, with great food, and covid safe experiences since many do outdoor dining. Here’s my picks for wineries in Vancouver!

Vinoscenti Vineyards

Vinoscenti Vineyards is located on 13 acres of pastoral farmland lying alongside the winding banks of the Serpentine River on the edge of White Rock, BC. The winery began in 1995 when the vines were first planted by the original owners Court and Annette Faessler. It was a daunting challenge as the terrain had to be reshaped to support the vines with new soil added to offer extra drainage potential and depth to offer a unique terroir to this area. Initially, the grapes were sold to other wineries and 5 years later a momentous decision was made to open Rivers Bend Winery in the Spring of 2005. After laying down the foundation for the winery Court and Annette sold the winery initially to a business group. Wineries are not commodities but a lifestyle and this group did not last long. The winery was then sold to another family with the good intention of continuing the winery, but this was not to be, as they did not have the soul and heart needed to care for the vineyard. The vines and winery void of any tangible love and care during those past few years fell into a dark period. In 2016 a quiet resuscitation of the winery began with attention drawn to the vineyard management aspect, securing the close collaboration of a highly skilled winemaker and combined with a world-renowned Wine Educator and business person, Vinoscenti Vineyards is now beginning to see the Renaissance and relaunch of the winery.


Club 7 Winery

In 2000 – this is where it all started – in the 7th Township of Langley. While some things have changed, like signage and our new cellar style tasting room, our principles and focus have not: we are just about making quality wine and nothing else.

Off the highway and “Metro Vancouver adjacent”, our Fraser Valley winery is set in a lush agricultural landscape, surrounded by green vistas and the occasional trot by of an equine explorer. Grape growing? Yes. Explore your inner wine geek without leaving the Lower Mainland and get to know this gem that has bubbly ambitions.

Here, our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines are destined for sparkling wine from a vineyard perfect for growing these noble grapes in the Champagne style. An adventure to come, but meanwhile, an invitation to try the wines of Township 7 awaits visitors who have finally pulled in after driving by and wondering, what is this picturesque place all about?

Here you’ll find wine, art, culture and culinary experiences brought together by the thoughtful knowledgeable staff who welcome fresh and returning visitors. This is a place to introduce your senses to BC wine. Your first tasting? Not unheard of. It won’t be your last. Or a hard core oenophile? Fantastic, geek out with us.

“Take a break from the bustling city life of business and smartphone notifications to have some fun here. A tasting in the shop is a good first step, but how about a comfortable wine and food seminar? A little snip of wine education — no judgment if you can’t say, “terroir” — a cultural event out amongst the vines, or an exclusive clubSEVEN gathering for our wine club members, with pours from wines not offered to anyone else.”

Backyard Vineyards

Since 2009, Backyard Vineyards has been producing award-winning varietals, blended, and bubbly wines from 100% BC grapes grown on-site in our own vineyard and complemented with fruit selected from the Fraser Valley and South Okanagan.

“Utilizing a perfect blend of art and science, our wines are handcrafted to be extraordinary. From our big bold reds to our bubbly sparkling wines, we put our pride and joy into every bottle we produce. From cellar to glass, we take great care to create impeccable wines, from our backyard to yours!”

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