True Crime documentaries to watch on Netflix

Now that Valentine’s Day is over we can now get to what February is all about, cozying up on the couch and watching some true crime documentaries! (That might just be my Februarys). But in my opinion Netflix has turned the true crime documentary genre into something of a cult following where we all gear up to watch these miniseries  (you know if you are into learning about some of the most disturbing crimes that have happened). 

There are some extremely popular ones out there like Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes or Making a Murderer but I wanted to discuss some of the more underrated documentaries in my opinion. 

With this said there is all do respect to the victims and the family members of the victims that were hurt. If topics such as assault and sexual abuse are hard for you to handle this is an official trigger warning, these documentaries are not for everyone and I completely understand everyones boundaries. But here we go, 

Don’t F*ck With Cats (2019): I don’t remember this documentary getting as much hype as I originally thought it should, but this documentary miniseries is a ride. It is about the brutal murder of Lin Jun and the killer who was a self obsessed psychopath who sparked rage on the internet as he would post videos of him killing cats. The internet groups trying to put a stop to him end up helping to solve who this man was. This killer sparked an international manhunt and really showed the lengths people on the internet will go if you f*ck with cats. 

How To Fix a Drug Scandal (2020): This documentary miniseries centres around two drug lab chemists and how their separate drug tampering incidents spanned over years and affected the lives of so many people including their own. It was an interesting look at how much we hold drug lab chemists to the highest standard of truth in the legal system but some labs don’t have policies in place to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly and honestly.

Stills from How To Fix a Drug Scandal. Photo via /

Abducted in Plain Sight (2017): I remember exiting watching this documentary series feeling angry and hopeless towards adults. All the horrific events that happened to a 12 year old Jan Broberg could have been easily avoided, it is a heartbreaking watch, but still you can’t take your eyes off the screen or believe what falls out of the mouths of the adults in this show. If you can stomach topics of child abuse and sexual assault this is a crazy documentary to watch.

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