Taking a break: The best way to be good at working from home

We are nearing that mid- school year slump, getting excited for March break/ reading week and really finding less and less motivation to complete the simple tasks as part of our school/ work routine. If you are feeling like this, unmotivated, unproductive, uninspired, I have the ultimate idea on how you can have a more productive work day. 

Take a break. Take one big, long break in the middle of your work day and don’t feel guilty about it. 

This might be the thing that you look at and go “Isn’t that the opposite of what I should be doing?” After all that means you aren’t being productive during those times, but breaks are necessary for people to complete their work effectively (that’s why real workplaces have breaks during the workday). 

Take an actual big break during the middle of your work day and do something else that could be productive for yourself personally ( and gets your eyes off those screens). Make lunch or meal prep, read a book about someone else’s life that puts your procrastination into perspective, or go shower, get your brain thinking of other smaller tasks. 

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While “the middle of the day” could be hard to gage, with different people starting their work at different times, a good way to view it is that 4 pm is often the biggest slump time in peoples day. 

Taking a break especially in a rut when you can not get into a creative head space is the best way to boost creativity. You come back to your day’s tasks feeling refreshed, more motivated and less like you wanna take a nap at your desk.

These work/ school at home orders are still a struggle. There are few of us who really know how to do that home school/ work routine flawlessly, but separating work time and personal time the same way we should be separating work and personal spaces is a positive step to having some work life balance during this pandemic.

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