Murals around the corner

VanMuralFest is celebrating it’s fifth year and to celebrate they will be featuring sixty different murals in nine different neighbourhoods. Works will be featured in West End, River District, Marpole, South Granville, Strathcona and more. The festival started on August 18th through September 7th. Currently murals from local artists are being unveiled.

With Covid-19 now happening this was a positive thing that many people can look forward to and smile when they see it walking down the street. Paintings can be used as a voice for people and for artists, as they can make an impact on the message they’re trying to send.

VanMuralFest is organized by Create Vancouver Society, a non-profit dedicated to artistic and cultural development in the lower mainland. Through out the year before every festival happens they work together with neighbourhoods to highlight and find the areas to bring vibrance to. Their public art installations serve as catalysts for addressing many socio-cultural issues facing the city and artistic communities. Some of which include public art policy, community building, environmental policy, reconciliation with first nations, artistic censorship, diversity, cost of living, and the cultural sustainable development practices.

Since Covid-19 more than 20 murals have gone up Downtown and the pictures being posted of them are incredible. Some recent work revealed is from artist Irvin Hernandez whose style incorporates tattoo-type style into his work. On 855 Granville street Downtown is a long incredible painted mural sponsored by Arterra wines.

Mural by Irvin Hernandez / Twitter @DowntownVancouver

A collab piece has been unveiled as well by artists James Harry and Lauren Brevner which is an amazing indeginous piece. I couldn’t find much info on this piece as it has just been revealed but I really like it a lot. To me when I look at this mural it highlights the 2 races who have faced the most struggles in history, indigenous and black people. Overall beautifully done. This mural is located at Thurlow and Pender.

Mural by James Harry and Lauren Brevner / Twitter @DowntownVancouver

The beautiful thing about art the most is that it means something different to everyone. So go out and enjoy some local art!

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