BCIT researchers receive $2-million in funding for Shock-proofing the Future of Work

BCIT Shock-proofing the Future of Work

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) has awarded the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) over $2-million for research projects that support in Shock-proofing the Future of Work. As part of the FSC pandemic response plan, this funding supports labour market innovations that build resilience in the face of social and economic shock. The Future Skills … Read more

BCIT expands funding for researchers

BCIT is excited to continue to support applied research by expanding the Institute Research Funds (IRF) to Phase 2.  This additional grant will help foster the development of world-class researchers capable of making a credible application for Canada Research Chair or other external funding. “This grant of up to $100,000 over three years will provide … Read more

How a BCIT researcher is helping bridge the gender gap in STEM

Women only make up 30% of the world’s researchers and 28% of the STEM workforce. While there is an awareness that the gender gap exists in most STEM fields, it’s important to recognize and break the barriers that are limiting women from entering a career in STEM. BCIT researcher and School of Computing and Academic … Read more

BCIT SMART Team wins ECO Canada Community Impact Award

And the votes are in….. BCIT SMART team was awarded the 2021 ECO Canada Community Impact Award for their project on Master your EV etiquette: the Do’s and Don’ts of EV charging. The ECO Canada Community Impact Award recognizes positive environmental projects from across the country by groups that have displayed environmental advocacy, sustainable initiatives, … Read more

BCIT researchers develop an enhanced version of the Baby Calmer

BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre received four new Baby Calmers to start off the new year. The Baby Calmer, a therapeutic robot, is a technology developed by BCIT MAKE+ researchers for BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre that simulates skin-to-skin contact for premature babies who are too fragile to be held by their mothers … Read more

BCIT researcher Nancy Paris successfully defends her Doctoral Defense

BCIT Applied Research MAKE+ researcher Nancy Paris successfully defended her doctoral thesis at Royal Roads University in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies and earned her Doctor of Social Sciences (DSocSci) credential. “Many congratulations Dr. Nancy Paris on this tremendous milestone in your life and career,” said Kim Dotto, Dean, BCIT Applied Research and Centre for … Read more

BCIT launches the Centre for the Internet of Things (IoT) to support ongoing digital transformation

BCIT Centre for Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the Internet and responsible for collecting and sharing data. IoT is making the world more intelligent and responsive by bridging the digital and physical universes. As part of this important digital transformation, BCIT is introducing Centre … Read more

BCIT MAKE+ collaborates with one of 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch

Urinary incontinence (UI) occurs when an individual loses or has weakened control over the urinary sphincter. Although not a life-threatening condition, losing control of one’s bladder is an embarrassing, inconvenient, and common problem that affects as many as 3.5 million Canadians, and of which 1.2 million are men. This medical problem also significantly affects one’s … Read more

Apply now: 2021 BCIT Student Innovation Challenge brings student ideas to life

Hockey analytics and children’s rompers, what do they have in common? Both of these “bright ideas” were winners of the 2019 BCIT Student Innovation Challenge. The BCIT Student Innovation Challenge is an annual contest aimed at providing mentorship funding, and other resources to support BCIT students in bringing their innovative or entrepreneurial ideas to life. … Read more

BCIT research lab provides practical experience for students

This summer, BCIT Applied Research supported three BCIT Biotechnology students and one Food Technology student in successfully completing their summer research opportunities to gain the practical experience, industry connections, and collaborative experience for success in their future workplace. The Applied Research’s Natural Health and Food Products Research Group (NRG) successfully obtained funding through Eco Canada … Read more