Facing Your Fears Tips

Hey everyone! For today I will be talking about facing your fears. Everyone is afraid of something. It’s just up to you how you want to handle that fear. Fears can hold us back from a lot of opportunities in life. Which is why I will be trying to help anyone with a few tips … Read more

Introduction to BCIT’s D3 Program

Hi everyone! I have recently made a video discussing my time so far in the Digital Design and Development Program. I have discussed the requirements to get into the program, courses involved, credit requirements and various other factors that may interest you all. If you would like to check out this YouTube video you can do so by … Read more

7 ways to deal with conflict

Hey everyone! I will be giving you 7 tips on how to deal with conflict. Take a breather Before reacting so quickly to your problem try taking a step back and just calming yourself down first. It can be really tough at first because everyone always wants to react to a situation right away. But … Read more

10 ways to deal with stress!

How to deal with stress? Dedicate 30 minutes a day to yourself. Don’t do anything that requires a lot of work or thinking. This could either be enjoying a good meal, watching YouTube videos, taking a nap or just walking around to get some fresh air. Have a hobby Hobbies really help tap into another … Read more

5 ways to help you decide a career path

5 ways to help you decide a career path Don’t sign for a random program Take random courses at BCIT to see what you like For example take one course from different categories such as: Applied and natural sciences Business & Media Computing & IT Engineering Health Sciences Trades and Apprenticeship Once you have looked … Read more