Celebrating BCIT Graduates: Spring 2022 Convocation Ceremonies

The annual BCIT Spring Convocation Ceremonies returned in-person for the first time in two years. BCIT celebrated more than 3,500 students who graduated to join the 200,000 BCIT alumni who are making vital contributions right here in our local communities and across the globe. Throughout the week, our graduates heard from leaders across BCIT, special … Read more

BCIT appoints Interim President Paul McCullough on July 1

BCIT Burnaby campus in spring.

After over eight years as President of BCIT, President Kathy Kinloch will retire at the end of June 2022. The BCIT Board of Governors has appointed Paul McCullough, current Vice President, Advancement, to serve as Interim President beginning July 1, 2022. With BCIT’s interim leadership secured, the search for the Institute’s next president continues. The … Read more

BCIT partners on global initiative to build an agile workforce in Kenya

BCIT partners on global initiative to build an agile workforce in Kenya

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has always been at the forefront of connecting education with industry and government to power economic and social growth in Canada. Now, BCIT is expanding this role on a global scale in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation under its Young Africa Works strategy. A collaborative initiative will be … Read more

BCIT partners with industry to integrate augmented reality into trades training

) Instructor Henry Ostermann checking the discrepancies with student Rowen Peters the virtual model overlay against the as-built shop project

FabStation, a new pilot project empowers BCIT students to take steel and metal work beyond the classroom and into the future with the help of augmented reality software, says BCIT Metal Fabrication instructor Henry Ostermann. “I see huge potential,” says Henry. “Augmented reality software help students visualize their surroundings and workspace exactly as they are— … Read more

BCIT Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships honours President Kathy Kinloch

On May 24, 2022, BCIT Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships honoured President Kathy Kinloch for her 8-year contribution to BCIT and in guiding BCIT’s commitment to taking authentic, sustainable actions that build awareness and understanding around Truth, Reconciliation, Indigenization, the legacy of Colonization, and the contemporary reality of Canada and Indigenous people. “We are very grateful … Read more

National Nursing Week: Honouring nurses in the community

BCIT National Nursing Week

This year’s National Nursing Week – May 9 to 15 – recognizes nurses in a patient’s healthcare journey. As reflected in the theme #WeAnswerTheCall, National Nursing Week is an occasion to honour nurses and their dedication, resilience, and compassion in caring for the community. “This sort of acknowledgment and support is important,” says Shelley Fraser, … Read more

What to know about a career as an Environmental Public Health Professional

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Environmental Public Health Professionals (EPHPs) across the country played a critical role in ensuring the health and safety of communities. These individuals are the Health Officers who worked on the frontline to provide education, case and contact tracing, and the enforcement of Public Health Orders. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the routine … Read more

What are microcredentials and who are they for?

BCIT introduces microcredentials

The workforce is rapidly evolving, with microcredentials emerging as a powerful tool to provide industry professionals with the knowledge and competencies for high-demand jobs. In the present, microcredentials are expanding across BC and Canada. And in the future, you can expect them to be a common and flexible pathway for recent graduates and industry professionals … Read more

Lillooet Tribal Council partners with BCIT to bring cultural teachings into new Office Fundamentals program

A new BCIT partnership with the Lillooet Tribal Council brings culture — and laughter — into the classroom, and beyond. “Try to bring it out with humour. Make them feel comfortable,” says St’át’imc Elder from Qaqy’ten/Sekwel’ and language teacher Linda Redan. “It drops that wall and they start to remember what they’ve heard from other … Read more

May is Canadian Jewish Heritage Month

In 2018, Parliament unanimously passed a bill proclaiming that throughout Canada, the month of May is to be known as Canadian Jewish Heritage Month. Canadian Jewish Heritage Month is a time to recognize the contributions that Jewish Canadians have made to Canada’s social, economic, political, and cultural fabric. It is also a great opportunity to … Read more