Explore BCIT: Hidden gems for food, fun, and study

As a BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism student, I know firsthand that many of my peers have not even traveled the full length of the BCIT Burnaby Campus – let alone explore the inside spaces of all the buildings.

Which is why this article is going to give students a peek inside some of the lesser known places that BCIT has to offer for food, fun, and study.

BCIT Bouldering gym

While we are on the subject of the unique things at BCIT Recreation Services, did you know about BCIT’s new bouldering gym? The gym is called The Lab and has nothing to do with actual lab work. It is a space given to faculty and students to rock climb. Feel free to bring your own climbing equipment or ask the front desk to borrow some instead. Whether you are novice to the sport or a seasoned climber, it’s absolutely worth checking out.

Library desk bikes

The library. A place students can come together to learn, study, collaborate, read and do just about anything you can think of…as long as you keep quiet of course. BCIT also provides sleeping pods for those in need of a nap. All of these are amazing little things but the one I am here to share with you is the library desk bikes. You read that right. Library desk bikes. In the main level of the library in the corner near the windows there is a few spots that contain desks, seats and peddles. Which means you can keep yourself active while also doing the work you need to get done.

Triple O’s Tuesdays

Triple O’s is one of the many fast-food places that has locations on the Burnaby Campus. Open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Triple O’s is a fan favourite. A little fact that only the regular visitors of the fast-food chain would know is that on Tuesdays and Tuesday only, there is a deal where the Original Burger only costs $3.99. Every other day, it is $7.99. Get the deal when you can!

Bubble tea at The Stand

The Stand is a little store with two locations around the Burnaby Campus. Both contain anything you would expect inside a convenience store. Looking for some quick snacks? In need of some work supplies? A new phone charger along with some BCIT swag? Are you looking for a way to stay awake for your 8:30 am class and in need of caffeine? This is the place to check out. Something that differentiates the two locations is that the one in SE2 has bubble tea! And for a decent price as well.

Xbox at BCIT Recreation Services

Moving away from food and drinks, let’s head over to BCIT Recreation Services. When you think a recreation center, you probably imagine something like a gym or workout gym. Perhaps some table tennis or a spot to catch up with friends and do some work? That’s all true and can be found at BCIT Recreational Services but there is something else. BCIT has set up a location where students and faculty can sit back and play a variety of games on Xbox! How cool is that?

Self-serve snack shack

Another new addition to the Burnaby Campus is the self-serve snack shack beside the bubble tea place just outside the main floor of the Library. It’s a small little area where you can grab a quick snack and bite to eat. A small pay station is secured inside the little area as well.

Link Magazine and radio shows

Did you know the BCIT Student Association has a free magazine called LINK Magazine that is published every month? That there is also a news radio show called The Crow and a FM style radio show called Evolution 107.9. Well, if you found this article then I am guessing you like to keep up to date with events and stuff going on in and out BCIT. The programs are created by BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism students.

Learn more about starting your journalism career at BCIT.

BCIT clubs

Last, but not least are BCIT clubs. While most students at BCIT are extremely focused on learning, they also love to have fun and create safe space to explore different hobbies, create connection, and build community. New clubs form frequently within BCIT campuses and are constantly looking for more people to join and be a part of something. Who knows? This might be something worth putting in the resume in the future. You never know unless you give it a try.

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BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism student Grace McLeod

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Grace McLeod is a second year full time Broadcast and Journalism Student at BCIT. She has a passion for learning, creating and sharing stories in many different formats. Whether it be in verbal communication, written formats or through podcast/radio, she will find a way to get stories seen and heard. Grace hopes that when she graduates in June 2024, she will be able to take everything she has learned in this program and through interning at many different locations to wherever she ends up next.

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