Discover your future in tech: Choosing the right Computing Diploma program

Hey, future tech innovators! Are you fascinated by the endless possibilities of technology and considering a career in this dynamic field? Selecting the right diploma program is a crucial step on your journey. With so many options, it can feel like finding the perfect app in a crowded app store.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you navigate through three Computing Diploma programs offered at BCIT:

They’re all just two years to graduation, taught in small cohorts that work together, and  connected to industry needs with applied, real-life projects and hands-on skills.

Discover what makes each program unique and which path lights up your tech dreams. Don’t forget to look at the infographic at the end for a brief overview of the three programs and possible career options.

Computer Information Technology (CIT)

Become the backbone of any company’s IT infrastructure. The CIT program equips you with the skills to manage and improve complex information systems, ensuring businesses run smoothly.

What to expect?

Through real-world projects and collaborations with industry partners, you’ll gain firsthand experience setting up networks, securing databases, and managing cloud services. Be the person who recovers lost data from a cyber-attack or optimizes software and hardware to keep operations running without a hitch. Become a versatile IT professional capable of tackling any challenge.

Career possibilities

Your role could be critical in managing the IT infrastructure of an established company or ensuring the cybersecurity of a growing tech firm.

You’ll find yourself in high demand, working as a:

  • Network Administrator
  • DevOps Specialists
  • Information Architect
  • IT Support Analyst
  • Database Administrator

Want to know more?

Hear from grads directly and read about their experiences:

  • “The program has been an absolute game-changer for me, bringing immense benefits that have shaped my life. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s been life-changing,” says award-winning grad Adel Kuanysheva.
  • “BCIT does a great job educating you on the most relevant and latest technologies. But my biggest takeaway is how BCIT teaches you to learn. Having to prioritize, handle a heavy workload, and learn new concepts quickly are what sets BCIT grads apart,” says Belmar’s COO, Matthew Hui.

Computer Systems Technology (CST)

Dive into the heart of software development with CST, where you’ll master the art of creating cutting-edge software from the ground up. This program isn’t just about coding; it’s about bringing innovative ideas to life through technology. You’ll immerse yourself in the complete software development lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment, ensuring you’re an expert at solving complex problems with efficient, scalable solutions.

What to expect?

Imagine being part of the team developing the next (viral) app or software that transforms business operations. In CST, you’ll learn programming languages like Java, C, C#, C++, and Python, and get hands-on experience with databases, web development, and mobile app creation. Projects range from designing your own games to developing software that could help transform industries.

Career possibilities

Work on applications that people use daily or create software solutions that help businesses thrive in the digital age.

Your career could take you to tech giants or innovative startups, working as a:

  • Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Mobile App Designer

Want to know more?

Hear from grads directly and read about their experiences:

  • “Think about what you want and make it happen,” says Dima Goncharov, Metriport Co-Founder & CEO, who has grown his multi-million dollar idea into a successful startup.
  • “The education received from BCIT was very hands-on, and really complimented my learning style,” says Filip Gutica, a web developer at Fortinet and now a Senior Software Engineer.

Full-Stack Web Development (FSWD)

The FSWD program is your ticket to the exciting world of web development, where you’ll learn to build everything from stunning websites to powerful online applications. This program covers both front-end and back-end development skills, including database integration and application deployment to the cloud, along with design principles and user experience.

You’ll collaborate with real clients and peers in design and development, mirroring real-world web development teams, and preparing you for the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the tech industry. Ultimately, you’ll emerge as a versatile developer who can take a web project from concept to completion.

What to expect?

Imagine building a website that serves as a vibrant community hub or creating an e-commerce site that enhances the shopping experience. Upon graduation, you’ll have a broad set of technical skills and a portfolio demonstrating your capacity to develop thoughtful, user-centric projects. Additionally, FSWD offers mentorship and career services to guide your journey from the classroom to the professional world.

Career possibilities

As a full-stack developer, the digital world is your playground. You could design user-friendly websites, develop robust back-end servers, or start your own web development agency. The skills you gain open doors to roles in tech companies, digital marketing firms, or freelance opportunities.

Typical roles would be:

  • Front- / Back- / Full-Stack Developer
  • User Experience Designer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Mobile Web Developer

Want to know more?

Hear from grads directly and read about their experiences:

  • “The FSWD program was a game changer for me. I feel confident and excited about pursuing a career in web development thanks to the skills and knowledge I gained from the FSWD program.” – Murad Qumizakis.
  • “Deciding to enroll in the FSWD program is one of the best decisions I’ve made. You get access to an extensive network of industry-trained professors who share a vested interest in your success. You get tons of real-world experience, designing and building custom web solutions, some for actual clients!” – Jamie Samuel.

Making your decision

Choosing between CST, CIT, and FSWD comes down to where your interests lie. Do you dream in code? CST might be your path. Do you want to be the go-to person who ensures everything in the tech department runs like a well-oiled machine? CIT awaits. Or do you envision yourself crafting the next big website? Dive into FSWD.

Each program offers a unique gateway into the dynamic and ever-evolving tech industry. By choosing CST, CIT, or FSWD, you’re not just embarking on a path to a rewarding career; you’re stepping into a future where you can make a significant impact through technology. Get ready to turn your passion into a profession and join the ranks of tech professionals who are shaping our digital world.

Dive into the program that sparks your interest!

Next steps

  • Talk to an advisor: Our counsellors help you understand your options and align them with your career goals.
  • Visit Big info: Twice a year – third Wednesday in February and second Wednesday in October – BCIT organizes its largest program expo and information session.
  • Apply: Ready to take the leap? Check the entrance requirements for your chosen program and submit your application.

The image shows the differences and similarities between the 3 Computing Diploma programs regarding Duration, Intakes, Location, Program delivery, Class size, Prerequisites, Competitive entry, Class hours, Program focus, Internship, Co-op, Projects with real clients (ISSP) and Unique Features.

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