Thriving in cybersecurity software development: Two Computing grads check in

With cybersecurity continually grabbing headlines, employment in the field is growing and evolving. BCIT works to support this thriving domain by graduating students from a range of cybersecurity programs.

We caught up with two BCIT Computing grads to learn more about their careers, and how they feel about their work. They both started jobs as software developers immediately on graduation. They’re both now working at Fortinet, which is hiring dozens of staff as it expands its Burnaby data hub.

Meet Filip Gutica

Role: Web Developer (Full Stack)photo of Filip Gutica

Graduated from: BCIT Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma, Data Communications & Internetworking second-year option, 2015, currently completing his Computer Systems Technology Bachelor of Technology with a double specialization in Network Security Applications Development and Network Security Administration

Before BCIT: Worked in sales and payroll administration, studied Business Administration at Douglas College

How he knew he wanted to be a software developer: “I actually decided to apply to BCIT to study computing after taking my first programming course and realizing it was one of the first courses I ever took that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

His BCIT experience: “The education received from BCIT was very hands-on, and really complimented my learning style. I really excel when I learn by doing rather than just studying theory. The fundamentals in computer science and programming methodologies learned at BCIT are priceless in preparing you for a career in software development/engineering.”

How his work makes an impact: “My role at Fortinet is as a Web Developer on the FortiOS GUI (Graphical User Interface) team. I work on designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining user interfaces. The features that our team builds are used by network security professionals around the globe.”

Outlook for career path: “Opportunities and demand for software developers and engineers continue to grow. I believe this will continue to be a very lucrative career path for the foreseeable future.”

Advice for BCIT students to prepare themselves for a career in this complex world?
“The biggest piece of advice I could give is to make sure that you enjoy technology, programming, and computer science in general. I highly recommend that even before, or during school you learn different technologies. Work on projects on your own time as well, and ensure that you enjoy doing so. Also, practice programming questions on leetcode or hackerrank!

When it comes to any career, if “working” does not feel like “work” but rather like something you enjoy doing, then you are in the right place.”

“I’m proud to know that I contribute to features and tools that help to secure millions of people’s internet traffic around the world.” -Filip Gutica, CST Grad

Meet Jon Andre Briones

Role: Web Developer photo of Jon Andre Briones

Graduated from: BCIT Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma, Programming Paradigms second-year option, June 2021

Before BCIT: Completed a degree in Physics at the University of Alberta and worked for a year in various jobs

Lifelong learning: “My BCIT education definitely gave me some foundations, but I’ve learned a lot and still have much to learn.”

How his work makes an impact: “I am a Web Developer in the FortiOS GUI team. As a recent graduate, right now I’m contributing by fixing smaller issues on the GUI. I make sure smaller details are dealt with while building up to bigger projects.”

Outlook for career path: “The demand for Web Developers has exploded in the past decade, along with the knowledge needed. Nowadays everyone needs an online presence, and there is an overwhelming amount of technology to learn.”

Advice for BCIT students to prepare themselves for a career in this complex world? “Learn one technology at a time. There’s no point in learning 20 different libraries at once. Build a project with the focus on learning how something works, rather than trying to make the next billion dollar idea. Also, learn how to read other people’s code.”

“I’ve learned a lot and still have much to learn.” -Jon Andre Briones, CST Grad

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