Caring Cards for BCIT students on National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day is recognized annually on November 15 as a time to reflect on the power of giving back and get involved in causes that are near and dear to the heart.

Supporting BCIT’s hardworking students is a meaningful cause year-round, and so honouring them on this year’s National Philanthropy Day was a natural fit.

To celebrate and encourage students, Caring Cards were handed out at the Burnaby Campus with messages of support from alumni and donors. The purpose was to remind students that they aren’t alone, despite this challenging time.

Connecting BCIT students and alumni donors on National Philanthropy Day

The idea for the Caring Cards initiative sparked from BCIT’s donor and alumni community looking for more ways to help BCIT students.

“We noticed that many of our donors were looking for ways to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our students,” says Jackie Jacob, Interim Vice President, BCIT Advancement. “In speaking with our alumni donors, I was taken aback by how much they still recall and relate to the stress of school. They had great advice and words of encouragement to share. That’s when our team came up with the Caring Cards to let current students know they’re not alone and there’s a community of supporters rooting for them!”

BCIT students receiving Caring Cards with advice on National Philanthropy Day

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Approximately 450 notes were collected from BCIT alumni donors, containing first-hand insight and inspirational advice, which were passed to students this November 15, celebrating National Philanthropy Day.

“The Caring Cards were well received by students, who seemed genuinely surprised and appreciative,” says Laura Vail, Senior Director, BCIT Student Success. “Many expressed such sincere gratitude, with some gathering to compare and discuss their messages. Seeing the students’ faces light up with smiles was also very rewarding for those handing out the cards. This initiative was a wonderful way to show students that the BCIT community is on their side.”

The following are a few samples of the many inspiring messages students received:

“BCIT is intense, but the outcome is worth it. I was hired instantly after leaving BCIT and I have since been sought out for my education … Put boundaries into how much homework you do and invest in your physical and emotional well-being to support your mental health. If you can do that while attending BCIT, you will succeed.” -alumna Elise Galuska, Fish Wildlife & Recreation

“My time at BCIT was filled with laughter and stress in equal measure, and all of it helped me grow to become who I am today. I’d like to tell you what I would tell myself if I could go back in time to my student days: You are doing okay. Nobody expects perfection from you, so why expect it of yourself? … Lean on each other and know you’re all in this together.” -alumnus Eddy Boudel Tan, Marketing Management

“As a former Marketing Management, Professional Sales alumni and VP of Integrated Marketing for the BCITMA, I have once been where all of you are today … Please just know, your hard work will pay off. It is SO so worth it … Be proud of yourselves! You are amazing!” -alumna Katie Thomson, Professional Sales

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