BCIT alumni and community recognized as influential leaders by Business in Vancouver

Visionaries, innovators, and trailblazers are critical to the social and economic prosperity of British Columbia. The Business in Vancouver (BIV) BC500 2022 list recognizes individuals who have made notable impact across sectors and communities. Among the 500 influential business leaders named in BC500 this year includes Kory Wilson, Executive Director, BCIT Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships, Past President Kathy Kinloch, Elder Carleen Thomas, Cora Hallsworth, Manager of Municipal Programs for BCIT Centre for Ecocities,  as well as many BCIT alumni and industry partners.

BCIT alumni recognized by BIV BC500 2022:

BCIT is proud of all BCIT community members named in BC500 and their impact in empowering people, shaping BC, and inspiring global progress. From non-profit organizations to industry and government, there are over 200,000 BCIT alumni across the globe and sectors who are contributing to building an agile workforce with sustained and meaningful impact.

According to BIV, individuals recognized in BC500 embody the values of modern leadership: engagement, trust, corporate citizenship, inclusion, and innovation. Recipients come from all walks of life – some of them are household names, while others are well-known within their industries. The commonality across all recipients is that they all influence the communities and businesses in British Columbia.

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Congratulations to all who have been recognized in BIV BC500 2022 and thank you for your contributions!

See Business in Vancouver for the full list of BC500 2022 recipients.

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