BCIT Instructor Richard Yoo receives the 2022 BCWWA Stanley S. Copp Award

The 2022 BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) presented BCIT Piping Trades instructor and BCIT alumnus Richard Yoo with the Stanley S. Copp Award. This award is given to an individual to recognize outstanding and continued service to the BCWWA.

Richard’s passion for the water sector and as an instructor stems from his personal experience as a trades apprentice. Over 25 years ago, as a first year BCIT Plumbing apprentice, he discovered an environment conducive to learning. The Piping Department instructors were not only experts and professionals in their field of expertise, but also very skilled as educators and motivators. It was here that he started to believe that he was capable of anything that he aspired to do, and all he had to do was work hard and believe. Richard successfully completed his Plumbing apprenticeship in 1998. He feels so much gratitude for those who supported him to be where he is now.

Before joining BCIT as an instructor, Richard worked as a journeyman service plumber/ gasfitter for Gordon Lathams, a plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor. He was in the plumbing and heating business for 15 years before he started his career in residential/ commercial construction for the following three years.

Congratulations Richard!

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  1. Congratulations Richard! Well deserved, I learned so much from you and the other instructors at BCIT. You are an inspiration!


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