New: Cybersecurity Essentials for IT Professionals

BCIT is offering a new microcredential (MC) in Cybersecurity Essentials for IT Professionals. We checked in with Raymond Yu, Program Coordinator, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, to find out more.

Q: Who is the new microcredential for?

RY: The new MC was designed for IT/computing workers from any business sector who might be interested in doing cybersecurity work instead of, or in addition to, their current role. Students need to already have basic technical knowledge in networking and/or operating systems.

Q: What led you to build this new MC?

RY: Cybersecurity is of critical importance given society’s absolute reliance on technology, and demand for cybersecurity and digital investigation skills in all organizations is high. Recent data from the cybersecurity industry indicates there are 25,000 currently unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Canada.

BCIT Forensics made note and created this credential.

“the cybersecurity industry indicates there are 25,000 currently unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Canada”

Q: What will students learn in the MC?

RY: The students will gain a general understanding of cybersecurity threats, and how to protect themselves in their daily lives. They will also develop insight into the work of a cybersecurity professional, should they decide to pursue further education to work in the field.

Q: How does an MC work?

RY: MCs are designed to meet a specific need for skills quickly. This MC is made up of three 2-day online synchronous workshops – so they’re run live, with someone there to help. Upon successful completion of the three courses, a student will receive the MC.

Q: What might students do after completing the MC if they want to further their cybersecurity expertise?

RY: Students may join either the Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Advanced Certificate or BTech Degree program if they have met the entrance requirements for those programs.

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