BCIT launches its inaugural People Vision

Putting people at the core of everything we do is paramount at BCIT. In a complex and uncertain world, BCIT aims to ensure its people are developing while feeling valued, supported, and connected.

BCIT’s inaugural People Vision describes the Institute’s goals and priorities in respect of our people—those who make BCIT distinct and are at the core of everything we do. The Vision creates a framework for the Institute’s efforts to support employee development, build an inspiring workplace, and honour employees’ commitment to BCIT.

Led by BCIT Human Resources and People Development (HR), work on the Vision began in late 2019, with inputs ranging from employee surveys, to a review of our people practices, to iterative discussions with different stakeholders from across the organization. The result of this collaborative and consultative work is the People Vision, an employee-centred representation of the BCIT Strategic Plan.

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“I am grateful to the many members of the BCIT community for their efforts in contributing to the development of BCIT’s first ever People Vision,” says Ana Lopez, Vice President, Human Resources and People Development. “Together we have crafted an inspirational and aspirational People Vision that will help to guide organizational efforts for years to come.”

The Vision focuses on three objectives that fall under the following themes: Growth, Effectiveness, and Culture. These themes are foundational, but also aspirational, creating the focal points for the Vision. Five core areas have also been identified within the Vision: Talent, Empowerment, Connectedness, Wellness, and Accountability. These are fundamental to BCIT employees and the Institute’s commitment to being a people-first organization.

While a dedicated core team has been established to progress the objectives of the Vision, its successful implementation is dependent on collaboration and a concerted pan-institutional effort – ultimately creating a mechanism for people across the Institute to make the employee experience a defining feature of BCIT, alongside that of its learners and partners.

We invite you to view the People Vision here.

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