The “real” experience of an IT internship

BCIT’s Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma Program has always offered hands-on Information Technology (IT) projects to best prepare students for work. Last year, an internship option was added.

We checked in with grad Eric Wong to learn more about his internship experience, and any advice he’d give to future BCIT Computing students.

From finance to IT Intern

Eric was working as an Account Manager at one of the big five banks before he enrolled at BCIT with a plan to reskill and change careers.

During his time in CIT he interned at PAI Health (conveniently across the street from BCIT’s downtown campus). An intern in technical support, he dealt with provisioning new and replacement machines, inventory and asset management, IT projects, and general tech support.

“It was a start-up company, so there were a lot things that needed to be done,” explains Eric. “I was able to take a lot of the backlog, which allowed my two more senior team members to focus on development and deployment tasks.”

He credits the internship with further preparing him for the job hunt.

“What I enjoyed most about my internship opportunity was the chance to get real hands-on experience in the workplace. In the CIT program we never executed in a live environment where there were real consequences when we made mistakes!”

Learn more about the CIT internship option

After graduation, Eric landed a job at electronic communications giant Global Relay, where he is now a desktop support specialist.

“Limitless” opportunities add to the attraction of a career in IT

“What excites me about being in the IT field is the ability for continued growth,” says Eric. “Through certifications, and the flexibility to learn in multiple areas (support, DevOps, SysAdmin, etc) – it’s limitless. Also, the work/life balance, and ability to work from home, is a welcome change from my previous career.”

Advice for others who are considering an IT internship: do it!

“You’ll get to try, test and deploy things that affect real people and would look great on your resume when you start applying for jobs. Most companies feels safer with someone with some industry experience.”

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