Love Your Planet: Technology for climate awareness

With the help of BCIT Computing students, Love Your Planet Foundation (LYPF) is developing a web and mobile social media platform to raise awareness around current climate change action and legislation. Since October 2019, LYPF has participated in Computing’s Industry Sponsored Student Program (ISSP) as a project client.

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“LYPF has mentored 24 BCIT students over the past two years to develop the software-based communication and reporting platform,” explains Computing Faculty member Pat McGee. “During this timeframe, BCIT Computing has waived ISSP administrative fees for the non-profit organization.”

ISSP provides students with real-life experience by working on IT or software development projects. Students work in teams or individually with an industry sponsor, thus experiencing the client relationship firsthand. In addition, they go through the entire software development or IT solution life-cycle.

An ongoing partnership for students and sustainability

Pending the availability of interested students, BCIT Computing will continue to waive fees over the next five years for a potential savings of over $12,000. In exchange, LYPF will continue to provide practical work experience for BCIT Computing. According to Pat, “it’s especially fulfilling for students because they can use their skill set to address environmental challenges.”

For LYPF, the value goes beyond just getting the help. “It is rewarding to work with these students in the ISSP,” reports Elizabeth McKay, CEO and Co-founder.

“As they engage in the project, they implement creative solutions and designs. Their genuine talents, honed by their studies at BCIT, shine in different ways that benefit our goals.”

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LYPF has noted BCIT Computing’s ongoing support in their recent application for federal funding under the Climate Action and Awareness Fund. They’re also looking for additional funding opportunities to help them hire BCIT graduates outside the ISSP program.

BCIT Computing is pleased to benefit from Love Your Planet Foundation’s continued involvement as a project sponsor. More importantly, it’s proud to support action to mitigate climate change.

“It is rewarding to work with these students in the ISSP” -Elizabeth McKay, CEO & Co-founder, Love Your Planet Foundation

For information on fundraising or to volunteer for LYPF, please contact Elizabeth McKay. Thanks to Pat McGee, Elizabeth McKay, and Loretta Farrell for help with this update.

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