Introducing a new BCIT video series: Inside BCIT 

There’s so much going on every day at BCIT. With five campuses, over 200 programs, and 2400 employees, even those who work here don’t always get to see the exciting and innovative things our faculty and staff are working on. In this new video series, Inside BCIT, we’re aiming to change that, one person at a time.

Each month, BCIT President Kathy Kinloch, who hosts the series, takes viewers behind the scenes for an inside look at our programs and campuses. Check out our first several episodes.

This installment of Inside BCIT features Automotive Instructor Vincent Piva. In this video, you’ll meet Vince, learn more about the BCIT Automotive Service Technician program (and how tanks were once built in our Automotive shop!) and find out how we’re using technology to enhance learning.

This episode of Inside BCIT features Aviation Operations Chief Instructor Cheryl Cahill. In this video, you’ll meet Cheryl, learn more about the Airport Operations program, find out about job opportunities in this dynamic industry, and take a peek inside our stunning Aerospace Technology Campus.

In this episode of Inside BCIT, you’ll meet Anthony Chan, Program Head of Biomedical Engineering Technology within the BCIT School of Health Sciences. In this video, you’ll learn more about the BCIT Biomedical Engineering program, where our graduates work, and how hands-on experience in the classroom and lab helps prepare our students for the healthcare industry.

In this episode of Inside BCIT you’ll meet BCIT Research Associate and Industrial Designer, Lisa Boulton. You’ll also learn more about the MAKE+ product and process development team and take a peek inside the Soft Shop, the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation‘s newest lab.

In this episode of Inside BCIT you’ll meet Bruce Thompson, Instructor and Researcher at the Annacis Island Campus. Take a peek inside our newest campus and learn more about Heavy Mechanical Trades, including the research we’re doing on vehicle emissions testing.

This installment of Inside BCIT features BCIT Archivist and Librarian Cindy McLellan. In this video, you’ll meet Cindy, learn more about the BCIT Archives, and take a peek at just a few of the items in our collection, which includes approximately 300,000 photographs, 300 m of textual records, websites, and newspapers.

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