Six things students struggle with when spring break ends

Students look forward to spring break basically as soon as the winter semester starts. We grind through midterms, work on group projects and study for long hours on weekends, all so we can sit back and relax for one week in March. In my opinion the best part of spring break is getting away from classes, campus, and the routine for a little while. That way I can reset before I have to buckle down for finals.

Even if you had the most fun, relaxing and carefree spring break, here are, in my opinion, the hardest things to get used to after that much deserved break is over:

  1. Waking up early – I don’t believe this requires much of an explanation. Spending a week getting up on your own time makes that first Monday morning back very difficult.
  2. Sitting through lectures – a week is plenty of time to have your attention span diminish. I always find it difficult to sit comfortably through the first few days of lectures after a week off. My chair never feels as comfortable and my brain is usually a little slower to react.
  3. Going to bed early – this is connected to getting up early. Spring break usually means you can stay up later because you can also sleep in so when it’s time to get back on a school schedule sleep patterns are tricky.
  4. Remembering all the things you learned before spring break – it’s amazing what a week away does to students’ memories.
  5. Returning to campus – if you are like me and you went away for the break, it is always tough to come back to campus. As soon as you arrive, it is like you never left and those nine beautiful, fun and relaxing days away never happened.
  6. The sunshine – spring has sprung AND the time changed! This means more sun for longer periods of time which makes studying even harder than it was before.

Despite the struggles we face as students fresh off of spring break, it doesn’t take long for our chairs to regain their comfort, our brains to sharpen up, and our study habits to improve so we can get back to counting down the days until the next break.

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