BCIT Student by distance: Part 2

It has now been almost 3 months since I started my clinical placement as part of the BCIT Radiation Therapy program. I have been placed at the BCCA Vancouver Island in Victoria and I am loving it here. Although I am missing out on the atmosphere of the BCIT campus and the fun of having other students around me, I have learned a ton since I started here. One of the unique things about being a student at BCIT, (depending on the program) is the small class size. Because of this small class size, I am the only student who was placed in Victoria. I do miss having other students around to hang out with, vent to and share stories, but it has been fun for me to build relationships with potential future co-workers and be the only focus of their teachings.

There are multiple reasons why I love being away on a clinical placement :

  • I get to be “home” where I lived before going to BCIT.
  • I have been given infinite opportunities to interact with patients, develop rapport, provide comfort and receive feedback.
  • I have experienced hands on practice operating the equipment and setting up patients for their treatments.
  • I have been able to use the information I obtained after a long hard year of studying at BCIT and implement it into my practice in the clinic.

With all of these benefits in mind, the best thing overall has to be the fact that I am not sitting in class all day! As much as I love being a student, it is very enjoyable to simulate what my future work life might be like. In addition, the clinical experience has helped me to solidify that Radiation Therapy is the field I want to be in!

At this point, I would highly recommend both the Radiation Therapy program and any other program at BCIT that involves a work placement. It is not only educational, eye-opening and a nice break from class, it is also very fun!

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