A new brand platform for a complex world

Prestigious, distinctive, industry-aligned.

Since 1964, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has trained generations of leaders who have envisioned, created, evolved, and improved our country’s infrastructure, accelerated its economy, and grown its stature.

Today, BCIT unveiled a powerful new brand identity and creative platform that delivers on fifty years of proven innovation and promises to inspire the next generation of graduates who are prepared to anticipate and outpace the forces of technological disruption.

Alongside renowned agency partner Twice, a division of DDB Canada, BCIT embarked on a comprehensive brand consultation process rooted in five years of institutional research and engaged thousands of stakeholders. The result is a distinctive brand position that challenges the traditional Canadian post-secondary landscape and sets BCIT apart from its peers.

“BCIT for a complex world” signals that the Institute equips graduates to anticipate and conquer the complex challenges of our day and forms the foundation for the BCIT creative platform. This hard-working narrative device frames BCIT stories within a flexible and striking graphic treatment. The power of “for a complex world” becomes most apparent when applied to singular programs or BCIT values – “Sustainability for a complex world” or “A business school for a complex world”.

This work proudly proclaims BCIT achievements and confidently affirms the BCIT commitment to deliver students the tools to manifest their own opportunities in a complex world.


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