Venues That Wont Break The Bank

Japanese Breakfast at the Fox Cabaret. Photo taken from The Snipe.

Concerts are expensive. A show at Rogers Arena or BC Place is usually go to run you around $100, plus the price of food (A $15 burger?!), and not to mention a tour shirt running you $60. Sure you could not eat and not buy merch, but not everyone has that willpower.

If you’ve been following my articles you might have noticed that a lot of the artists I’ve covered have be performing at the same venues. I like to think I have a pretty good handle on some of the coolest spots in town to see live music and I’m always happy to share with others! So today I’ll be telling you about some of my favourite places to look into for live shows.

The Biltmore

The Biltmore. Photo taken from the Vancouver Courier

The first place I check anytime I’m looking for something to do. The Biltmore has anything and everything you could need at a place. Cover is usually around $10, but sometimes they won’t charge college students. Drink can be a little bit pricey, but honestly what place doesn’t rip you off at the bar? Biltmore usually puts on great theme nights which focus on different genres (disco, classic rap, disco), decades (70s, 80s, 90s) or specific artists (Kanye West night was an amazing experience).

They also have live artists perform, usually focusing on smaller, up and coming acts. So it’s a good place to see people perform before they get big.

If you’re looking to go clubbing, but don’t feel like spending all your money; the Biltmore is for you. You can easily go in with about $30 and have that cover your cover, coat check, and a few drinks. A great value plus talented DJs and solid live acts? Can’t go wrong with that.

The Fox Cabaret

The Fox Cabaret during a Prince inspired party! Photo from their Facebook.

This one has been my favourite as of late. The Fox has allowed me to Baio of Vampire Weekend, indie rocker Japanese Breakfast, and instrumental group City Of The Sun. Anytime I’ve gone to The Fox tickets have usually hovered around $19-$29 after concert fees. Considering the quality and talent of the bands I’ve seen in a such an intimate setting; that’s a steal. Artists can also usually be found hanging out at the bar after the show, so if your favourite artist plays there; odds are you’ll be able to say hi.

It has a lot of spots to just sit and chill with a drink, including some couches on the balcony upstairs, but there’s also a large space for people to dance. Whether you enjoy just sitting and listening to the music or you’re more of an extrovert who loves to groove with friends; The Fox has something for you.

The 333

The logo of the mysterious 333! Photo from their Facebook

If you’re into local alternative or indie artists The 333 is worth looking into. It’s a “cooler” venues that keep its shows on the “down low” and only the “cool” kids hear about it. I use quotations because the place is usually packed, so I don’t know why people act like it’s such a big secret.

Highlight of this venue is the fact that it’s in what looks to be some type of unused garage, giving it a nice underground feel.

The 333 tends to feature artists from Vancouver either as the headliner or as the opener. I haven’t been around there in a while but I do remember tickets only being somewhere around $10-$15, which was a steal considering the last time I went I got to see three bands.

Be warned: the audience is going to be full of hipsters. Take that as you will.

There you have it! The three big venues I keep an eye on for new shows. If you’re ever in need of something to do and want to see live music I can guarantee at least one of these places will having something going on.

Any other places worth checking out? What’s your go to? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

Camp Cope In Town!

Camp Cope. Image taken from their Eventbrite page.

The Australian trio is set to rock the Biltmore Cabaret tonight. If you itching for a good time to close out your week and start the weekend off on the right foot than this is the show for you!

I’m only just getting familiar with their music now but I can already tell that this would be a fun band to see live. How To Socialise And Make Friends is the type of song I can see myself dancing along to with my friends and a beer in my hand (Drink responsibly!). It’s nice mix of angst, introspection, and catchy instrumentals that causes them to make such great music.

They’ve only been around since 2015 but they’ve already added a number of awards to their resumé; their self titled debut album charted in the top 40 on the ARIA Charts, they received a nomination for album of the year from Triple J, and they’ve also won Best Emerging Act at the 2016 Music Victoria awards, that’s just to name a few. This is definitely a great band to be on the watch for; because they’re only going to go up from here.

On top of this they’ve done great activism work. They lead a campaign in 2016 called It Takes One which was dedicated to stopping and reporting sexual assault at concerts. Their song The Opener brings awareness to the lack of female artists in the music industry.

Tickets are $19.99 but after concert fees it’s $29. A good deal for a band that’s on the rise and is run by pretty decent people. This is also their first North American tour, so you can say you say them before they got big. You can get those here.

Heading to the show tonight? Got other plans? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

Liz Cooper The Stampede In Town!


Liz Cooper & The Stampede. Photo taken from their Wikipedia page.

Is it just me or have a lot of great musical acts been paying a visit to our city lately? Tonight we have Liz Cooper & The Stampede paying the Biltmore Cabaret a visit.

Who is Liz Cooper? Who’s The Stampede? What’s the music like? Wow, you really know how to ask some great questions! They are an American three-piece folk-rock band out of Nashville. I would say that the music they play is a nice blend of classic folk-rock with just an ounce of psychedelic music spritz in. Mountain Man, a song of their latest album, has gotten a fair amount of attention; getting just over two million listens on Spotify. While Mountain Man is their most successful this band is so much more than a one hit wonder.

Listening to their catalogue it’s hard to find a song I don’t enjoy. Sure, some tracks are weaker than others but overall their body of work is definitely worth a listen.

Motions is another song they’ve done that’s gotten some love on Spotify; just over a million plays. It’s got great vocals and acoustic guitar, standard things on any folky song, but where this song stand out is the trippy, psychedelic breaks done throughout the song. It sounds like it’s out of another decade, but at the same time has a sort of freshness and newness to it. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Modern Chemistry with Okey Dokey is by far my favourite. The bass and drums backing up her vocals on this track are so simply done but enhance the overall quality of it so much. Add this in with upbeat “Ooos” and “La La Las” thrown into the chorus and we have a certified, grade A, quality song on our hands.

Tickets are on sale for $9.99-$18. That works out to be around $17 and $27 after paying those annoying concert fees. Give their music and listen and see if you think it’s worth the price, but I feel like those tickets are dirt cheap for a band that’s this talented. You can grab those here.

What do you think? Are you going to be heading to the show tonight? Any summer concerts lined up? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

Local Music For Your Summer Playlists!

If you don’t have Vancouver band Peach Pit in your playlist, you’re missing out! Taken from their Facebook.

As school gradually begins to end and summer slowly starts to kick in, its time to start making some important decisions. No, not what you’re doing after you graduate, not what job you want, and I am not talking about how you’re going to pay tuition for next year… I’m talking about what songs you’re going to put in your playlists!

Making playlists is not easy. It’s full of life and death decisions. No, not your life… the life of the PARTY! Think about it; how many times have you gone to a shindig only to find they were playing… Nickleback?!? No disrespect to any Nickleback fans, but there’s much better stuff out there (Sorry Chad).

Just about everybody will be including the standard party songs. So you have to make sure yours is different. So why not include some lesser known artists? And why not make them musicians from Vancouver? Oh yeah, that’ll make you real cool.

First start off with some mellow tunes to get everybody relaxed and feeling comfortable. At the start of any party there’s bound to be a few people who don’t know each other. Everybody hates being met with these feelings of anxiety early on; so put on some chill songs to help people ease into it. A couple of artists I’d suggest looking into; Peach Pit, Raincity, Sleepy Gonzales, and Mac DeMarco (of course). All great artists with some quality catalogue to look into.

What songs would I recommend? Thanks for asking!

From Peach Pit: Peach Pit, Tommy’s Party, Sweet FA

Raincity: Give This Up, Soul

Sleepy Gonzales: Lucky Charmzzz, Close Enough, Naoko

Mac DeMarco: Salad Days, My Old Man, Passing Out Pieces

Ok, so now the party has been going for a little while, people are feeling the rhythm, starting to get into it, everybody is starting to feel a little bit more comfortable. So let’s turn things up a little bit, let’s really get this party started. With who? Great question! The Jins, a quality alternative rock band that’s sure to get people head banging, I won’t be surprised if these guys become huge one day. If The Jins are little too hard for you, definitely check out Wind-Up Birds! A criminally unrecognized Vancouver band. Fake Shark is another party starter; a cool mix of indie and electronic dance music.

What songs should be included? Great question, thanks for asking.

The Jins: She Said, Pop Song

Wind-Up Birds: Peach, Live From The Other Room, Earl

Fake Shark: Something Special, Cheap Thrills, Feel Alive

Hopefully this will help to beef up your playlist for those summer parties! I can’t encourage you enough to look into all the music Vancouver has to offer. There’s a lot of great, hardworking bands that just don’t get the recognition they deserve!

Any other local bands worth looking into? What’s your go to summer song? Let me know, my playlist could use some new music!

-Nelson Ellis

Happy Birthday To Said The Whale!

Said The Whale. Picture taken from their website.

Juno-award winning Vancouver band Said The Whale celebrates their 12th birthday today! To celebrate I’ll be writing about some of their songs, as well as the great work they’re doing for the community!

Even if you haven’t listened to Said The Whale, you’ve no doubt heard their name. They’ve established themselves as one of the most successful musical acts to come out of Vancouver in recent years. Here’s a rundown of what this band is all about;

Let’s start by listening to their highest charting song: I Love You. Charting all the way at number 1 on the Canadian Alt charts and hitting 38 on US alt, not bad! It’s an upbeat, tongue-in-cheek kind of song about the unconditional love you feel towards family. It features a chorus that is almost annoying, but that I guarantee will get stuck in your head. What I like about this song is the lyrics can be applied to just about anyone you have a relationship with; family, romantic, or even just your friends. Honestly, I think the first chorus would be very sweet to write on a card to somebody you care about, but that you maybe don’t always get along with;

You got it wrong but I love you

You’re kinda rough but I love you

We get along and I love you

Next up we have my personal favourite; Step Into The Darkness. To be honest when I first heard this song on their album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide it didn’t immediately jump out as my favourite. It wasn’t until I saw them perform it live in 2017 that this song became my go to. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people into the Vogue Theatre to watch them perform the album. I can still clearly remember Ben Worcester dancing slightly awkwardly (sorry Ben) as the song played on, just before the chorus kicked in the light momentarily went dark, before flashing on and off again in, what I assume, was a very well choreographed laser show-esque type of display. To this day I would say it’s one of my all-time favourite moments at a show! I think the best thing about this song is that lyrics could apply to just a million different situations. Take the opening for instance;

My sweet light, sweet love of mine

It might never again feel like it’s the right time

If it’s the end, well, let’s cross that line

Let us step into the darkness

Let’s step into the darkness

I’ve always thought of it as having an anxiety towards something new, having a trust in someone or something, and taking that next step into the unknown together. C’mon, who can’t relate to that?

A photo I took during the show.

The last song I’m going to touch on is UnAmerican. It was their lead single on their newest album and I have been hearing it everywhere. It reached a respectable 9th on the Canadian rock charts, so odds are you might have heard it on the radio.The song itself is great; well written, well produced, and well performed. I could talk about the lyrics to this song, but what I really want to draw attention to is the music video, which won the Prism Prize’s Audience Award. I do not envy the amount of work director Johnny Jansen and the whole team put into the video, but I do respect it.

Said The Whale has solid music, is great live, has really cool music videos, and on top of this they do some really great work for the community! They’re playing 12 shows at high schools around Metro Vancouver totally free! Better yet, each school will be getting $1,000 plus any funds raised from corporate sponsorships and crowdfunding. There will also be a contest that will give a high school aged band a chance to open for them during their show at the Malkin Bowl in September, the top twenty finalist will appear on a compilation CD, and the final five will get a day long mentorship session, not a bad way to give back! They also plan to launch a biannual grant at the end of 2019 that will award $5,000 to a new young band each year until 2024.

Ok, so Said The Whale is pretty awesome! We should send them some birthday gifts! Well, actually, the band has asked that instead of gifts you watch and share this short clip featuring Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft speaking about a need for optimism in young artists.

If you’re interested in seeing them live, they will be at the Malkin Bowl September 6th. You can check that out here. I can’t recommend it enough.

Happy Birthday to Said The Whale! A great Vancouver band, made up of awesome people!

Are you a fan of theirs? Have a favourite song? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

Local Natives Stopping By Tonight!

Local Natives performing live in Italy. Photo taken from their Wikipedia Page.

With the doom and gloom of yesterday’s weather passing us by, we’re back to our regular sunny days! I’m feeling good, I’ve got my sunglasses on, my earbuds in, and I’ll be listening to upbeat playlists all day. Hey, speaking of playlists; you know who’s who keep popping up on all of mine? Local Natives. At first I just liked a song or two of theirs, but lately they’ve really started to grow on me.

If you haven’t heard of them I can guarantee there’s at least three of their songs that will make you go “Ooooh! Yeah, I know this one!” Dark Days, Coins, and I Saw You Close Your Eyes, are all songs that have been appearing everywhere for a while now. Maybe those have worn on you by now, I’ll admit they can be a little overplayed. Well, fear not! Local Natives is touring with a brand new album, Violet Street, full of fresh music to get stuck in your head.

A quick Google of Violet Street will show the reception of this album, much like their previous work, has been mainly positive. Listening to the album I find myself inclined to agree, to make it short; it’s really, really good.

But don’t let the critics make up your mind for you! Let me do that! Ok-not really. But if you’re a little short on time I can give you some of the highlights of the album, as well as my thoughts on what type of show this is going to be.

This is the type of album I can definitely see myself listening to all summer; they’ve got songs to listen to while you cruise off into the sunset, bop along to on your commute to work, chill to on the beach with friends; Megaton Mile, Shy, and Café Amarillo are all essential to your summer playlist. The album is full of sunny vibes, but if you’re more introspective, there’s songs for you too. If you’re feeling looking for some depth, songs like When Am I Gonna Lose You and Garden of Elysian are right up your alley. It’s got a little something for everyone and does a great job putting out fun songs that contain writing with depth.

Listening to Local Native’s older stuff and checking out their latest album I’d say this would be a great show to attend if you’re looking to kick off summer right. The rain is leaving us (Knock on wood) the sun is out, the weather is heating up, and school is starting to wind down. I feel a show like this is going to be a nice mood booster and a great way to enter into “summer-mode”.

Ok, ok, so that’s all well and good. But how much is this going to cost? If you’re like me, your budget might be a little tighter after having tuition drained your account. I’d say this show is pretty bank account friendly; Tickets are around $37, which works out to be $51 after paying concert fees. Not the cheapest show, but Local Natives are a well established band with an impressive resumé; so I feel you’d be getting a pretty good value.

If you and some friends and looking for a concert to start summer off right; I’d recommend heading to the show. With a catalogue of great songs, a proven record of putting on great live shows, and a solid new album, Local Natives is guaranteed to put on a solid performance.

You can get those tickets right here.

Heading over tonight? Big Local Natives fan? Fan of the new album? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

Getting Close With Close Talker; Immersion

Saskatchewan Trio Close Talker. Taken from their ticket page on eventbrite.

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of a Silent Disco. A dance party with music playing only through headphones that lets parties go on way past noise curfews. What about 3D movies? C’mon that’s nothing new, surely we’ve all seen something jump out of the screen at us by now.

Where am I going with this? Canadian indie trio Close Talker has just announced Immersion a “3D-360 Silent Headphones Tour”. The idea is that the audience will wear headphones at the show and these headphones “will utilize cutting edge binaural mixing technology, live in real time.” and “The sound will fully immerse the audience with instrumentation and voices orbiting and swirling around them on all axes”.

If you want a taste of what it’s going to be like you can check out this video, which announced the tour.

My thoughts? I’m not too sure actually. I go to a fair bit of concerts and there’s nothing I love more than live music. I am also all about trying new things artistically, when Kanye announced his flying stage; I pounced on tickets immediately.

Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour was highlighted with his floating stage and was met with critical acclaim. Taken from

The concertgoer in me thinks “What’s the fun of listening to it in headphones?” Yes, it’s still live- but isn’t part of the fun listening to the music raw and unfiltered from a speaker? Isn’t that what makes live music truly “live”? But concerts are also about, in my opinion, the overall experience. I saw Weezer when they toured here and it was a blast, not just because of the music but because of the atmosphere, the audience, the special effects on stage, it wasn’t just watching them play music live; there was a whole experience around it and that’s what made it such a memorable show.

Reading about Close Talker’s newest tour, I think it’s safe to say they are aiming to create a memorable experience for their audience. Not only will it feature 3D audio but it will also “showcase a local visual artist who will offer their interpretation of the music and manipulate their craft live”. I think is a really cool idea because it’s going to help a unique and local flavour to each show, no two shows are going to be exactly the same.

I’m also interested to see what the crowd will be like. One of my favourite things about seeing your favourite artist live is getting to do so with a crowd of other people, getting into the music together, and sometimes even making new friends in the audience. Listening to the music in headphones in what is sure to be a very intimate experience that gives a one-to-one feeling might alter that.

This idea has definitely made me rethink the way I view live music. Will this be more “experience” than “concert”? At the very least, Close Talker has definitely peaked my interest and I will likely be checking this out when it tours here.

Tickets are going on sale tomorrow for $25, which seems like an OK price for what promises to be an interesting show.

What do you think? Is this something you’re interested in? Have you been to something like this?

Let me know! I’m always curious to hear what others think.

– Nelson Ellis

Laura Stevenson Bringing Chill Vibes Tonight

There’s no getting around it. The weather outside sucks. It’s the type of day were you just want to go home and curl up into a blanket, sip some hot coco, and relax. I don’t know about you, but on days like these I will definitely be bumping some relaxing indie music. Now, I could tell you about some of my favourite playlists to listen to on gloomy days, or you could read all about a really cool artist in town tonight who’s chill, mellow tunes are perfect for rainy and grey Vancouver evenings.

Her name is Laura Stevenson. If you’re into alternative or punk rock that name might sound a little familiar to you. Stevenson got her start playing keyboard in Bomb The Music Industry! led by Jeff Rosenstock. I know what you’re thinking “Punk rock? Relaxing?” but don’t worry, Stevenson as a solo artist makes easy going indie folk that’s easy to unwind to.

I’d say the standout from her latest project, titled The Big Freeze, is definitely Living Room, NY. With stellar vocals that beautifully overlap each other, an amazing musical build that manages not to overwhelm the ears, and some really sweet, sentimental lyrics that I am a total sucker for. Before you ask; yes, I have been playing it on repeat for the last 30 minutes.

The show is at the Biltmore; it’s a smaller, more intimate venue with lots of tables and booths to just sit and hangout, as well as a lot of space to dance if you’re a lively type. Will their be tunes to dance to? Oh for sure! Dermatillomania is a fun song that will at least get you tapping your toes and bobbing your head.

I’ve been to the Biltmore a handful of times and I’ve had fun on every occasion. The audience is pretty easy going, the staff have been polite, and tickets are broke-college-student budget friendly.

So if you’re looking for a place with some chill vibes tonight to get out of the rain, I’d suggest stopping by and grooving with Laura. Grab a friend, get a drink and chill to some easy going jams!

The concert is 19+ so if you’re not legal drinking age; you’re out of luck.

I’m sure this show is going to be great. Beyond just her newest album Stevenson has done some great work; Torch Song, The Move, and Finish Piece are few others that I enjoyed.

Tickets are up for sale right now! Prices are between $12.75-$19.99. Those prices work out to be around $20-$30 after you pay those pesky concert fees.

But, hey don’t just take my word for it. Here’s the link to the whole album. It’s only 30 minutes!

You can grab some tickets here.

Heading to the show tonight? Other plans for the evening? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

Moments and Moods; a review of basic.bee’s “Faster Than NASA”

If you’ve never heard of basic.bee, you definitely aren’t alone.

The Delta, B.C artist’s most played song has 18,022 plays on Spotify, with every other song struggling to get more than 1,000.

So why should you care? Well, she’s one of Evolution’s newest additions to our music rotation. So take some time to get familiar with her newest work.

Faster Than NASA is her latest release and, in this humble writer’s opinion, is by far her best work to date. Musically this is a great album and production wise; its top notch. But as a piece of art, as an experience? That is where this album truly shines.

Let’s start the with the cover. Call me old school, call me shallow, but I believe you can judge a book (or album) by its cover. So, what’s this artwork all about? Well, it’s a little tough to say exactly what it is, what it means, what it signifies, heck it might just be a blurry photo that the artist thought was cool. The cover doesn’t exactly give a clear idea what I’m going to getting into.

At this point I was little bit confused. “Ok, so it’s a blurry figure and some lights” I thought. “That’s cool, but what does that have to do with NASA? Or being faster than NASA? How can you be faster than NASA?” all thoughts that raced through my head. I scroll down a little bit to find that basic.bee has written a little bit about the album. Hoping to find some clarity I read it and find a sentence that helps me to understand “if you want any meaning to the songs, find a meaning that you relate to”. Hm. Ok. So either this album is going to contain elements and feelings that we can all relate to, or the artist is too lazy to find meaning in their own work. Still, I’m trying to go into this with an open mind so I try and get into that headspace. I click play, start the album, begin the first track “distorted weekend” and hope that I can get something out of it.

I won’t bore you with a track by track analysis, I’ll just give you the highlights. My favourite song on this album was dearest featuring and written by Isaac IE Perez. A slow, haunting, romantic song about young love. Perez’s voice is absolutely perfect for this song and the basic.bee’s production on it creates a beautiful emotional song that captures the joys of falling in love. The song itself can feel a little slow, hazy, or foggy, but the feelings you get from it come out perfectly clear.

Another track worth checking out is new voyager disc music a trippy, spacey sounding song. It’s one of the more upbeat sounding tracks which begins the last bit of the album. It’s a great song that gives a nice contrast to an album that otherwise can feel a little bit gloomy.

Did I feel anything? Did I get any meaning? Absolutely I did. From start to finish basic.bee does an excellent job of making you feel something. Feelings, emotions, moods that you’ve maybe felt before, but that you can’t quite put your finger on. Listening to this album I often found myself thinking “This kind of reminds me of this, this makes me think of this, I feel like this song would be good for this type of movie…”. My problem with instrumental music is that I can sometimes have a hard time figuring out what the song or album is about. However, reading the background behind the album provided by basic.bee really helped to give me some context about the album and allowed me to appreciate it a lot more. “a lot of these songs are simply the musical equivalent of moods/feeling i was feeling when i decided to record” she writes “it doesn’t matter what i was thinking it’s the feel that comes from it that is the most important.”

Listening to an album who’s goal is just to make you feel something and have you relate on a purely emotional level is, in my opinion, an incredibly beautiful and pure form of artistic expression. I find that I’ll often listen to music, watch a film, read a book, or take in any type of artistic media really, and look way too hard for the intellectual meaning behind it. Art should serve as more than something we can understand, it should also be something we can feel, and feelings are seldom easy to describe.

You can check out the album for yourself in the here. Let me know what you think! Did you get anything out of it? Or am I looking way too deeply into this?

dearest has just been added to Evolution’s rotation! So expect to hear it make its debut on the airwaves soon!

-Nelson Ellis

Snow Patrol Is Here!

Photo taken from the Georgia Straight

No, not the type that salts the roads. Summer has arrived and winter is long dead. Scottish band Snow Patrol, most famous for Chasing Cars, is playing tonight at the Queen Elizabeth theatre. There’s still some tickets up for grabs and they are anywhere between $48 – $83

This is part of Snow Patrol’s Wildness tour to promote their newest album. This is their first album released in 8 years. What’s the reception been like? I’m seeing reviews range from 4 out of 5 stars to getting as low as 3.9/10.

If your like me, you know maybe two Snow Patrol songs. Chasing Cars is a certified classic. Who doesn’t know that one? If you tell me you don’t feel a hint of teenage angst every time it comes on, I will call you a liar. Called Out In The Dark is another stellar track by them and is probably my favourite out of their catalogue. But is two songs, and mixed reviews enough to fork over $48 to see them live? Maybe not. So let’s take a look at their setlist and see if this is worth it.

If you’re a diehard Snow Patrol fan and you don’t want spoilers about the setlist, I’m going to advise you to stop reading now! I won’t be going over the entire setlist but I will be touching on some of the songs that will be played.

Looking over the track listings I immediately scan for two songs; Called Out In The Dark and of course, Chasing Cars. Yes, dear reader, they will be playing both those classics. Phew.

But what about the other songs they’ll be playing? Chocolate? Don’t Give In? Just Say Yes? I haven’t heard any of them. So let’s change that. Let’s delve into some Snow Patrol!

The last live show they did on this tour this opened with Chocolate. Obviously you want to start strong, so I expected big things from this track. Did it disappoint? No, I actually really enjoyed it! It’s nothing too heavy or overwhelming and the overall message is about turning over a new leaf in life (specifically about starting fresh after you cheat on your girlfriend. Yikes.)  It’s a good song, no doubt. It also feels like it would be a pretty solid opener for a concert, it’s got a nice build, a catchy drum beat, and stellar vocals. It’s a great song to ease you into a show and if the rest of their track list is like this; they may have just persuaded me to go.

Jumping ahead a bit we have Don’t Give In, a track from their new album. According to Gary Lightbody, lead singer of the band, the song was initially written about a friend going through a tough time, but as he continued to working on it he said it became about himself working on the album, which was a five year process. The song is a nice mixture about seeing personal project through and keeping the fight against what ever tough times you might be experiencing. Ok, so a solid message and a solid meaning behind it, but how is it as a song? Well, since discovering it thirty minutes ago I have listened to it at least four times in a row, so I enjoy it! The lyrics are well written, it’s got a catchy “clap-stomp” going on in the background which manages not to be annoying, and it has a bit of stripped down acoustic feel to it. All in all, I really enjoy this song and it definitely makes me want to check out the new album. It manages to be emotional and introspective, without making me feel too sad, and nobody likes a bummer at a concert.

Ok, so let’s jump all the way ahead to the last song they’ll play; Just Say Yes. “My expectations for this one are though the roof. Snow Patrol better not disappoint me!” I thought as I pressed play. Did Snow Patrol let me down? Did I finally get a bad song from my random setlist selection?


No! Snow Patrol, yet again, has impressed me. This one isn’t the strongest one lyrically, it was originally written for Gwen Stefani and you certainly hear the “poppy” elements in the words, but it’s a fun song and I would definitely be thrilled to see it live. The instruments and production behind it make the song for me; a nice electric feel to it that leads into a nice build with some cool “Oooo” vocal harmonies behind it. The whole song has a fun, trippy, and dreamy feeling to it.  All that plus a catchy chorus? Definitely a fun song to witness live. Plus it’s a nice contrast to first one; instead of cheating on your girlfriend this one is about being in love with and committing to another person. Nice, Snow Patrol, nice.

These are just three of the 16 songs Snow Patrol has on their setlist. Add the 2 that I already liked and I’ve got a guarantee of 5 songs that I would enjoy live. Is that worth the $48? I’m starting to lean into it a bit!

Now, I don’t know if Snow Patrol’s setlist tonight will be exactly the same, but I feel like they could really put on a great show! If you’re looking for something to go to tonight and have a few extra $20 bills laying around, it might be worth getting a ticket.

For their most recent setlist check this out.

And if you feel like seeing them tonight you get those tickets right here!

Are you heading to show tonight? Big Snow Patrol fan? Let me know!

– Nelson Ellis