Leisure Club, A Band, Not A Place To Play Tennis

Back in 2016, a group of dudes once described as “so laid back they’re almost horizontal” (Georgia Straight) got together and started what we know today as Leisure Club. The name an homage to the chill lifestyle they live and the easy-breezy tunes they aspired to make.

They got their start with a single called Throw My Love Away, another one of my favourites. Its easy slow-going start quickly gives way to an extremely singable chorus that you can’t help but chant along with the band. The song at times does sound a bit like it’s in two different worlds but it fits the nature of the band 100%.

The boys of Leisure club slowly released a single here and there throughout the next year. Dropping dreamy tunes like Still Young, 22, and a few others along the way. In 2017 they finally got enough material together to drop a whole record. This self-titled effort gave us a ten song drive down the coast with the top down on your convertible type sound. That’s an extremely specific sound but it’s the only way I can put into words the way this album feels. The album gained success locally and surprisingly in some parts of South America. Go Figure…

The band is currently working on the follow up to their debut album. Most recently they put out a two song EP titled I Want You in the Dark/Hard to Find. Hopefully, they grace us with this album before the end of the year! That would make this year a little bit better.

Last year I had the chance to see these dudes play live. I can confirm they’re just as chill as everyone says they are. I bought my merch (very reasonably priced merch I might add) from the keyboard player who then offered us free snacks. FREE SNACKS! I’ve never been to a concert before or after that had such a beautiful gift to give.

YouTube/Leisure Club

What really proves just how down to earth these dudes are is the fact that when the crowd cheered for an encore, they weren’t expecting it. They came back on and said “wow we have nothing prepared, I guess we’ll wing it then” and proceeded to knock our socks off for two more songs!

Just a bunch of chill dudes making chill tunes and having a good time!

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Live Music in Vancouver This Week!

Wednesday, October 21: Jon Bryant

That’s right tomorrow! Vancouver based singer-songwriter Jon Bryant will be playing the second of his four-show series at The Railway Club. Each show will sell a maximum of 50 tickets to keep social distancing in mind. They will be sold as tables of four for $80 ($20 per person).

YouTube/Jon Bryant

This environment will be absolutely perfect to hear the soaring and silky smooth vocals of Jon Bryant. Fans of indie pop acts like Jaymes Young, Bahamas, and Chet Faker will be right at home at this show. Intimate shows like this are few and far between for an act like this so grab your tickets while you can!

Get your tickets here for tomorrow’s show as well as the two remaining shows:


Doors open at 6:30 and show starts at 7:00.

Friday, October 23: Ivan Hartle

Ivan Hartle will bring his jazzy, bluesy, and folk-inspired sound to Guilt & Company on Friday. Ivan will be showing off his newest single “Feelin’ Like” which gives off a polished John Mayer-esque vibe. Fans of acts like Nathaniel Rateliff, Nick Mulvey, and Rayland Baxter will dig Ivan’s sound.

YouTube/Ivan Hartle Music

You can catch Ivan playing from 7:00-10:00.

More info about Ivan: https://www.ivanhartlemusic.com/home

More info about the venue: https://www.guiltandcompany.com/

Saturday, October 24: Sam the Astronaut

Live in virtual concert is Vancouver’s dream-pop duo Sam the Astronaut! This show will be celebrating the release of their second album Midnight Carlight. According to the band, it will be a fully produced performance with good vibes and a few surprises! Fans of The 1975, The Zolas, and Dayglow will have no problem adjusting to their sound.

Youtube/Sam the Astronaut

There are a number of different packages you can purchase for access to this show. They range from a $13 basic ticket which gets you a Zoom link, to a $52 deluxe ticket which gets you access to the show, exclusive content from the album, a slick band tee, and a physical copy of the new CD. There are other in-between options that offer bonuses as well.

Grab tickets to the show here:


Keep up with the band here: http://www.samtheastronaut.com/


Oh Peach Pit, Where’d the Hours Go?

Back in 2016, a strange little tune emerged from a couple of dudes in Vancouver (Neil Smith, Cristopher Vanderkooy, Peter Wilton, and Mikey Pascuzzi). That tune gave us a lovely surf rock vibe laced with soaring guitars and distorted vocals. The song was called Peach Pit by Peach Pit. I wonder which came first? The song title or the band name? Asking the tough questions here. Legend has it that Chris’s great-great-grandfather was a peach farmer in the Lower Mainland and that’s where the name comes from. So probably the name came first…

Anyway, the tune became a viral hit pulling in over 46 million streams on Spotify and quickly earning the band a place amongst the giants of the deep genre of bedroom pop. Coincidentally, it happens to be one of my all-time favourite songs as well. The song’s success lead Peach Pit to release a cute little four song EP in 2016 titled Sweet FA. Side Note: I wish the EP was called Peach Pit too, that would’ve been perfection. The EP offered us more of the surf rock sound we were accustomed to.

In 2017, they dropped their first full-length LP titled Being So Normal on local label Kingfisher Bluez. The album gave us a more upbeat reimagining of Drop the Guillotine from the EP and the absolute banger Alrighty Aphrodite. I mean about as much of a banger as a lo-fi surf rock song can be. The album ends with a slower and sadder song than the normal offerings, Tommy’s Party. It has more of a breakup song feel than the sun-shiny, California coastline vibe they usually give. Regardless of that, it’s still a damn good song and a great way to end the album. I have very fond memories of listening to this album as I rode the train through the Japanese countryside. The laid-back feel of the album was great opposition to the hustle and bustle of Japan. And of course, I was proud to share the music of my country with my Japanese friends.

All the way back in April (which feels like years ago the way 2020 has gone) they released their sophomore effort titled You and Your Friends. To be honest I haven’t spent a lot of time with this album. To me, it doesn’t feel different enough from Being So Normal to go back to. When you have such important memories tied up in one album it’s hard to beat it. It does offer a few worthwhile singles though. Feelin’ Low (F*ckboy Blues), Black Licorice, and Shampoo Bottles are all solid tracks that had a place on my playlist at one time.

In early October they released the deluxe version of You and Your Friends which bumped it from 13 to 15 songs. It added one of my favourite songs of the fall up to this point though, Psychics in LA. It feels like a song that could’ve been on their original EP back in 2016. It brings back the distorted fuzzy vocals and vintage-sounding guitar riffs. I always wonder how the best songs don’t make it on to the main album. Why make us wait for the deluxe version??


These four dudes are a huge success story from our very own Vancouver. They’ve cemented themselves as pioneers of the lo-fi alternative genre and gained worldwide success. I’m proud to call the same place home as these guys.

I mean look at this picture, how could you not love them??

It’s 1 am, you’re eating a cheeseburger in a McDonalds parking lot…these 4 dudes pull up, tell you to “hand over the cheeseburger or else…” and look at you like this….wyd?

Posted by Peach Pit on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Facebook/Peach Pit

You can support the band here: https://peachpitmusic.com/

Mapletron Making Headlines

Last weekend Abbotsford’s very own Chase Claypool lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to another win on the season. Most remarkable about this win is the fact that this Canadian born rookie scored four touchdowns. That’s the most by a Canadian player in a single game in the NFL since 1927! Earlier this season, Claypool also set the record for the longest TD by a Canadian player. He’s quickly turning into a human highlight reel.

Courtesy: YouTube/Pittsburgh Steelers

Claypool had three receiving scores and one rushing score bringing his season total to five touchdowns. In only four games, that’s pretty impressive for a rookie. This early in his career he is already drawing comparisons to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson which is part of where his nickname Mapletron comes from. The other being an homage to his homeland.

Seasoned quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is also impressed with Chase but he knows the hard work doesn’t end here.“We’re happy that Chase is coming along, he’s an awesome football player and he had a great week. I told him after the game that he’s not gonna be able to sneak up on anybody so how is he gonna rise to the occasion?” Big Ben has lead the Steelers to two Super Bowls so he knows a thing or two about rising to the occasion. 

To top off his monster week, Chase was named AFC offensive player of the week.

Courtesy: Twitter/@steelers

Claypool and the Steelers hope to keep their momentum rolling this upcoming weekend with a matchup against long time division rival, the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers go into the game rocking a 4-0 record and the Browns come in at 4-1. Expect a competitive game!

The Great Dictator Turns 80

On this day in 1940, Charlie Chaplin released his political satire, The Great Dictator. This film is widely renowned for its moving messages and controversial portrayals of leaders of the time.

Courtesy: YouTube/Charlie Chaplin

While Chaplin was known primarily as a silent movie star, this was his first step into the sound film world. What a way to make an impact in your first attempt at something. Some of the messages in this movie are still extremely relevant today. In our world of division, we should look to these messages of the past. “I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone-if possible- Jew, Gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one and other.”

In an effort to celebrate this important film milestone theatres around the world are doing special screenings of the film. Institut pour la Photographie in Lille, France had planned to put on a special exhibit celebrating the film called: Story of a small fish in a shark infested ocean. The Chaplin Museum in Switzerland had planned to do an exhibition for the anniversary but it has been pushed to 2021.

I will leave you with one last quote from the iconic speech in the film.

“You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy, let us use that power, let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world.”

Woes Continue For Travel Business

Wednesday morning brought about another sad announcement by Canadian airline WestJet. CEO Ed Sims announced that the company will be indefinitely suspending service to four major cities in Atlantic Canada. Moncton, Sydney, Charlottetown, and Quebec City will no longer house any in or outbound flights from the carrier starting November 2. Halifax and St. John’s will still see flights but a drastically reduced volume.

Courtesy: Twitter/@WestJet

Charlotte Tweed is a travel agent trying to navigate this complicated COVID world. She voiced her concerns about these cancellations. “Now there’s gonna be more WestJet employees laid off that were scheduled to come back to work next month are going to lose their jobs. There’s also a greater picture here which is: how many people are going to lose their homes and their businesses and be crushed in other ways?” She added that she knows numerous people who work for the company that absolutely adore it and love their jobs. She said her heart is breaking for them to have to go through this. 

Working through this pandemic has been challenging for many but it has been especially tough on the travel industry “Every airline and everyone in the travel industry has literally been brought to their knees.” Charlotte added that she and many of her colleagues believe that the only way to restore their business and many others is to look into other ways of control rather than just border closures. 


The One and Only BC Leaders Debate


On Tuesday night the leaders of the three main parties, the NDP, the Liberals, and the Green Party squared off in the only debate of this election season. The priorities of the night included: COVID-19 response and recovery, environmental issues, social issues, and cost of living.

Also among the hot button topics was the idea that people couldn’t trust John Horgan anymore. Andrew Wilkinson of the Liberal Party wasn’t shy of voicing his opinion on the election. “You did this for purely self-serving reasons so that you could have an election and try to secure your employment for the next 4 years”. Sonia Furstenau of the Green Party also voiced her discontent with Horgan for calling the election early. “You’ve put people into a place of unease when we’re facing this global pandemic, I don’t think it’s a time to put more fear in people’s hearts.” 

By far the most important topic of the debate had to be how are we going to recover from the pandemic. Each leader proposed many ways they planned to bring us back whether that be by cutting PST or bringing in better health care. There was a central focus on affordability and working together to help everyone prosper during the rest of the pandemic and long after.

Sonia Furstenau of the Greens said it best though, “And I think that what we need right now more than ever, we’re in a global pandemic, that when people are elected when we are elected to office that we put aside partisanship and we put our duty to service above all. We need to get back to that.”

Really what we need is to work together 🙂