Discover North Vancouver’s Vibrant Night: The Shipyards Night Market is Back!

Just imagine, after a long day, finding a place where you can unwind, enjoy a great craft beer, and dig into some delicious food. Are you feeling the vibe? That’s what the Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver is all about. It happens every Friday from May to September.

Last year, I got to check it out, and boy, what an experience! Between a cold beer and some mouth-watering food, I also got lost in the live music filling the night.

Located at the Shipbuilders’ Square at the end of Lonsdale Avenue, this event isn’t just a market, it’s a festival. You won’t find cheap trinkets here. The focus is on quality, from handmade jewelry to homemade jams, artisan chocolates, and a selection of organic products. It’s an invitation to appreciate the work of local craftspeople while enjoying some good music outdoors.

And thatā€™s not all, while the market goes on under the open sky, inside The Pipe Shop, the Made in the 604 Markets craft market takes place, offering even more local and handmade products.

Each Friday brings a new surprise. The bands and artists change weekly, always keeping things fresh. And if you, like me, love a good beer, you canā€™t miss the marketā€™s beer garden. I remember the lively atmosphere well, with people chatting, laughing, and just enjoying the setting.

At The Shipyards Night Market, entertainment is a vital part of the experience, making every visit unique and memorable. The entertainment lineup is diverse, with a mix of live music spanning various genres, ensuring thereā€™s something for everyone. From local bands to solo artists, from jazz to rock and pop, live music is the beating heart of the market as the sun sets.

Each week brings new artists to the stage, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. For example, you might start the evening with a smooth jazz band. As the night moves on, the beat might switch to something more upbeat, like a rock band or a pop group that gets everyone up and dancing.

Besides musical performances, the market often hosts special events like local talent competitions, offering a platform for new artists to showcase their skills. These nights are particularly special because you can feel the energy and support of the local community.

Tips to make the most of the marketā€™s entertainment:

  1. Arrive early: This gives you a chance to explore the stalls and pick a good spot before the performances start. Plus, it lets you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere before the crowd arrives.
  2. Check the schedule in advance: Look at the marketā€™s official website or their social media to see which artists will be performing. This way, you can plan your visit around the shows you most want to see.
  3. Explore the venue: Between performances, take a walk around the market. Take time to check out the craft stalls, try different dishes from the food trucks, or simply enjoy a craft beer while the next band sets up.
  4. Participate: Often, there are interactions between the artists and the audience, like dance-offs, sing-alongs, or even invitations to come up on stage. Getting involved in these moments can enrich your experience even more.

The Shipyards Night Market is not just a place to shop; it’s a cultural event that celebrates music, art, and community. With an always-evolving entertainment schedule, each visit promises to be as unique and memorable as the last.

Easily accessible, the market is just a five-minute walk from the SeaBus terminal at Lonsdale Quay. My tip? Leave the car at home and come by public transit. Not only do you avoid the struggle for parking space, but you can also enjoy the local beers worry-free.

Have you been to the Shipyards Night Market? Do you have any tips or stories to share?

Please drop a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going! Remember to plan your next visit; a fantastic night awaits you.



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