National Geographic

Let’s talk about one of my favorite organizations- National Geographic! I mean, it’s amazing. Since being founded in 1888, National Geographic has provided the world with immersive, in depth studies and information about history, nature, science, world culture and wildlife in the form of magazines, photography, and videography. 

My personal favorite content by NatGeo is definitely their documentaries. They never fail to be extremely well researched, produced, entertaining and credible. They have the most fascinating information on ancient cities and ancient cultures, and what they discover in each episode is always incredible. I’ve learned so much about the world from them, and it makes my heart so happy knowing that there’s an organization like this that allows the average person to learn and appreciate essentially everything about our earth.

Everything from the depths of the oceans to the stars, from way back in history to current issues and the future, and everything from teeny tiny insects to the biggest animals, National Geographic has probably published or produced something on whatever you’re looking to learn. One of my favorite tv shows is called Welcome to Earth with Will Smith. It was so surreal to watch, and I couldn’t believe places so amazing truly exist on earth. This show talks about some of the world’s greatest marvels. 

Whether you’re an earth and animal lover or not, everyone can get something out of their content. On Youtube, National Geographic has been livestreaming their television series “The Secrets of the Elephants”. Check it out while it’s on, because this one is so good that it made a lasting impact on me. There was one part where a baby elephant was born, and the mother elephant gave her baby an encouraging hug with her trunk when the baby was trying to take his first steps. This special moment being caught on camera made my heart melt. It’s so special to see moments like that, and NatGeo catches them all the time. It just gives the average person a closer connection with all kinds of animals. 

Subscribing to their magazine is pretty cheap and then you’ll have printed, evergreen entertainment that you’re guaranteed to love. I also love their Youtube and Instagram accounts, as they are free and less time consuming than perhaps a full documentary or magazine read might be. 

Take a break and learn something while being entertained, and maybe you’ll be inspired and feel more attached to nature and wildlife.

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