Why I Dislike Harry Potter

Ah, Harry Potter, the literary masterpiece that has captured the hearts of millions of nerds around the world. Among many other fantasy films and books, why that? Let’s see why Harry Potter is, without a doubt, one of the laziest fantasy story settings ever.

To begin with, who needs a compelling plot when you can have a magic school, right? The concept of a young wizard attending a magical school and saving the world is such an original concept. It’s not like we’ve seen anything remotely similar in countless other books and movies. An applause for J.K. Rowling for rehashing cliched themes and presenting them as phenomenal.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the characters. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are the trio that represents mediocrity. A chosen one, a brainiac, and a comic relief sidekick – where have we not heard about this before? It’s almost like these archetypes haven’t been done to death in every other story. And the villains? The main bad guy is a freak without a nose who wants to kill the chosen boy. And his followers’ dress code is all black robes. How colourful.

The magical world of Harry Potter is so awesome, with its spells and rules of magic that make absolutely no sense. Latin-based incantations for spells? Because nothing can be as magical as a dead language. And the weapons? WANDS. A ruler-sized twig has all the power you can channel. How uncool is that. And imagine screaming in Latin for it, too.

Let’s talk about the institution, Hogwarts. First off, ugly name. Secondly, I would hate to go to that school where everybody, including the rip-off Gandalf principal, is glorifying the guy who survived a murder as a baby. Barely any points for other houses other than the survivor’s house. Unfair plus dangerous? Get me outta there.

Not to mention the fans. They tend to talk about it a lot. Most of them think Harry Potter books and movies are the only cool things in the world. They even dress up like the characters and wave wands around. Touch grass, people.

In conclusion, Harry Potter is a literary spectacle that has managed to fascinate readers with its originality, groundbreaking characters, and a world so unique it can only be described as, well, completely unoriginal. But hey, who am I to critique a series that has spawned countless books, movies, theme parks, and a devoted fanbase? Clearly, I’m missing out on the exceptional genius of Harry Potter.

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