Welcome Back!

Dear friends,

Well… here we are, in September once again. 

September is the reckoning of a new season- cooler weather, beautiful bright colors, and of course, back to school! 

Of course, coming back to BCIT is a big deal for us. We’re going through lots of emotions and are truly in a life-changing period of our lives. Between trying to figure out which exhilarating path we want to pursue for our careers, we’re also excited to be back running the Evolution Storytelling Company with our friends and colleagues.

Going to school commonly calls for students to relocate, and a lot of us are still adjusting from moving away from home and family. There’s nothing worse than homesickness. University students always say the hardest part is leaving behind their pets; loving puppies, kitties, bunnies, snakes, you name it. However, as hard as it is, we know how fortunate and lucky we are to be here, reaching the wonderful city of Burnaby with our innovative and impactful content. 

I hope you enjoy following each of us on our journey for the next few months. We’ll be challenging ourselves to be the best we can be, taking every opportunity that comes our way, and do our best to bring you quality content. We’re enthralled by the opportunities available to us here, as we’re able to learn so many new skills and perceptions to improve ourselves for the rest of our lives. 

You know that awkward time when you first return to school after a summer full of adventures and new experiences? Uh, yeah. Totally not fun. As Camila says, it feels like “your brain isn’t braining”. Just remember we’re doing our best. 

The second years of the Radio Arts and Entertainment program will be producing professional content daily, from now until the end of this upcoming May! We’ll be adding new podcasts to our Soundcloud (@EvolutionPodcastNetwork), fun and informative videos to our Youtube channel (@EvolutionVideoPodcastingNetwork), and tons of interesting and thought provoking stories from our online writers on our website, evolution1079.com. You can find us on any social media platform (excluding Instagram and Facebook due to the recent news ban) and tune into our live, on air station at 107.9 on the dial!

The fun is never ending here at BCIT, so chill with our relaxing alternative station at Evolution 107.9 and our ever-changing, always-evolving company! All in all, go easy on us for the first little while, and most importantly, take a seat and simply enjoy what we bring to the table! 



Radio Arts and Entertainment students

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