You should watch the Twilight Saga again

The first time I watched the Twilight Saga movies, I was horribly let down. At the time I was an avid Twilight fan, and I still remember the feeling of disappointment when I realized how incredibly different the energy was in the movies from the books. It’s not like they strayed too far from the storyline, but it still just felt so different.

It’s not a secret that the acting is nothing short of tragic, likely as a result of the dreadful lines that were supplied by the writers. You can hardly blame the actors for their performance, when you take into consideration the material that they had to work with.


I recently re-watched the entire Twilight Saga with my cousin, approximately 10 years after the series was released, and I saw the films in a completely different light. After enough time had passed that I wasn’t actively comparing the films to the books, I was no longer filled with rage over the mismatch. I was actually able to just accept the movies for exactly what they are, which is completely ridiculous. When you watch the films through a lens of satire, it’s actually very entertaining. For example, there’s a scene in the first movie where Rosalie (who is a vampire) is sitting in the school cafeteria with an entire wheel of cheese on the table in front of her. *Acts natural*

Another change in my perspective was around the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate. After watching the series for a second time, I genuinely cannot fathom how there is even a debate about this at all. Looking at it now as an adult woman, the things that stand out to me are that Edward prioritizes Bella’s welfare above all else, encourages her to have strong boundaries, is a classical musician (how tasteful) and is even offering to fund Bella’s post-secondary education at an Ivy League University. In contrast, all I see when I look at Jacob is a man-child who hates wearing clothes and doesn’t understand that no means no. It’s like we’re comparing a CEO to a middle schooler.

Also, everyone is sleeping on Jasper. It needs to be said.


I can honestly say that even in the moments where it was almost painful to watch, I genuinely enjoyed watching these films a second time. If you just accept the ridiculousness of it, avoid asking questions like ‘what’s the point of the baseball scene’, and simply embrace the corny romantic fantasy, I’m positive that you’ll enjoy it as well.

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