The Famous Place for the Movies themes in Canada and Vancouver

Each country or city has a few places, and one place they are very famous, and it becomes the movie theme. Some people like to go to that place and to go to that countries t,o visit and they will take a lot of photos, and also they will share the site with everyone, like friends, family or other people they know about. At this time, I want to share some of the movie themes that are shooting and filming in Canada and Vancouver, and I will show a little background for the movie and that place and why they want to film in this place.

In first place is located at 4550 Crown St in Vancouver. And the movie’s name is “ Juno’s House in ‘Juno.’ This movie is about how the 16-year-old title character and her best friend, Paulie Bleeker, start dating. First, they’re friends. Then they have a baby. Then they decide to go out. The journey, primarily Juno’s, takes her from a convenience store bathroom stall, where she takes her pregnancy test, through nine months of ups and downs—telling her other best friend, Leah, about her pregnancy and telling her parent. And she becomes a parent at a young age. The filming was in Vancouver because the weather was excellent, and the crew planned to import fake snow for the winter scenes. Instead, they woke up one morning to find real snow blanketing the ground and changed their shooting schedule to utilize it. Vancouver also provided Juno’s home, a centrepiece of the film. The movie was in 2007 and is American and is about family, love and teenagers becoming a parent at 16 years old in the location surrounding all the housing and townhouse style in that movie Thames.

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The second place is in Burrard Bridge. And is located in Vancouver, and Burrard Streed Bridge is a four-land Art Deco style, steel truss bridge constructed in 1930 and 1932 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The high, five-part bridge on four piers spans False Creek, connecting downtown Vancouver with Kitsilano via connections to Burrard Street on both ends; it is one of three bridges crossing False Creek; the other two bridges are the Granville Bridge, three blocks or 0.5 km (0.31 mi) to the Southeast, and the Cambie Street Bridge, about 11 blocks or 2 km (1.2 mi) to the east. In addition to the vehicle deck, the Burrard Bridge has 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) wide sidewalks and dedicated cycling lanes on both sides. This location is filmed in the “ Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol.” Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Rener and another cast. This movie is an American action movie. This movie is about IMF agent Trevor Hanaway, killed in Budapest by assassin Sabine Moreau, who steals Russian nuclear launch codes to sell to a man named “Cobalt.” IMF agent Ethan Hunt is extracted from a Moscow prison, along with an asset named Bogdan, by Hanaway’s handler and girlfriend, Jane Carter and newly-promoted field agent Benji Dunn. The team is ordered to infiltrate the Kremlin for information on Cobalt. While inside, Cobalt blows the team’s cover, and they escape before a bomb destroys much of the Kremlin. Jane and Benji escape, but Ethan is arrested by SVR agent Anatoly Sidorov and is blamed for the bombing. The shoot in the Burrard Bridge is a symbol of Vancouver’s progress and a mark of faith in the city’s future,” and due to its inception in 1932, it is Vancouver’s oldest surviving bridge. Burrard is completed in the art Deco style and functions as a connection between the neighbourhoods of point grey and South Vancouver, Bordering the Burrard Green Streets Garden and the Vancouver Aquatic Centre. This movie is an excellent movie to watch, and this action movie is very famous; the cast is very renowned, and they have good acting for what movies they filmed before. You should go watching.

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The third place is in “Riverway Golf Course & Driving Range,” at 9001 Bill Fox Way in Burnaby, BC. Riverway is located in South Burnaby, 15km east of Vancouver International Airport, one of Geater Vancouver’s premier 18-hole championship golf courses. The 5,400-7,000 yard course is imaginatively designed with links-style fairways lined by wind-swept mounds of wild fescue. The layout is diverse and challenging, with an array of white-tan bunkers and water hazards strategically placed to make every shot an advantage. This movie’s name is “Happy Gilmore.” this movie is about a short-tempered unsuccessful ice hockey player whose only skills are fighting and powerful slapshot he learned from his late father. After yet another failed tryout, Happy knows that his grandmother owes the IRS $270,000 in back taxes; she has 90 days to pay off the debt or face foreclosure on her house. Happy sends his grandmother to a retirement home, where residents are secretly mistreated until he can pay the debt. This movie, filmed in Riverway Golf, is technically located in Burnaby, the third-largest city in B.C. Riverway boasts its status as one of the Greater Vancouver Area’s “premier 18-hole championship golf courses,” and each hole varies in length between 5,400 and 7,000 yards. Within the movie’s narrative, Riverway Golf is used as one of the Waterbury Open locations, earning Gilmore a spot on the pro golfing tour he later uses to fight for his grandmother’s house. So they chose this place to become one of the Thames for the “ Happy Gilmore.”

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The four will be 1551 W 57th Ave. and is the park. The name is “Shannon Mews Park” This place is a sizeable ten-acre estate in South Vancouver, comprised of a critical three-storey Beaux Arts mansion, elaborate Italianate gardens, a gatehouse and a coach house, now all converted to residential suites. The property’s perimeter has been redeveloped with infill townhouses – Shannon Mews – and low-rise apartment buildings. Shannon plays an essential role in the history of Vancouver, as it was the estate of B.T. Rogers. The building was constructed by Dominion Construction, designed by the architects Somervell and Putnam in 1915-1925, and finished by Bernard Palmer in 1925, with the addition of infill housing designed by Arthur Erickson in 1974. The main house is an imposing Beaux Arts structure of red brick with stone trim. The architects are essential for creating many landmarks in Vancouver, including the Merchant’s Bank, Seymour Building, Toronto Dominion Bank (now the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue), Birks Building (now demolished), and Bank of Montreal (now the Simon Fraser University Centre of Business). The three-storey structure features a high degree of symmetry about its entrance garden facades. A Doric-columned porte cochere and loggia extend the house into the formal Italianate gardens. B.T. Rogers, an avid gardener, is known to have laid out the gardens. This movie’s name is “I, Robot” and is about In 2035 intelligent robots filling public service positions worldwide, operating under three rules to keep humans safe. Despite his dark history with robotics, Detective Del Spooner investigates the alleged suicide of U.S. Robotics founder Alfred Lanning and believes that a human-like robot murdered him. With the help of a robot expert, Spooner discovers a conspiracy that may enslave the human race. This is the old mover to watch and is cool is related to the robot and how they control the human to do and take over in the fourth.

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For all the list of the movie and places for the film, it sounds fun to visit and go out with friends, family and yourself to take that pictures and share with your friends and family member. This summer, try to go to those places in Vancouver.

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